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姫子 (Himeko)

Head Sculpt:
  • Eyes:
    20mm Glib Purple Acrylic
    Dollzone restyled by Berry-Kitsune
    Favourite colours:
    Purple, Pink, Blue, White and Black
    Fashion style(s):
    Traditional Japanese clothing with a mix of hime gyaru, lolita and ethereal and divine elements.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Red hair ribbon and tiara
    Himeko's outfits all consists of traditional Japanese clothing intermixed with lolita and princess styles. She likes to present herself as mysterious and ethereal or otherworldly. Her bright purple eyes (Glib Acrylic) draw individuals into the mystery that is the fox princess. She has soft black fox ears upon her head and wears a red ribbon gifted to her by her precious elder sister. It matches a red ribbon also gifted to her twin brother by their sister. Himeko also often wears a crown that is a not so subtle reminder that she is indeed a princess.
  • Name story:
    姫子 (Himeko) means "princess child." Himeko's mother chose the name not only for the meaning "princess child" which Himeko is being the daughter of a King and Goddess, but also "Little Lady of Noble Birth." Her name was picked to show her royal status and for her to never forget where she came from.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Long long ago Himeko was born on a cold snowy night. Born to a King and a Lovely Goddess. With eyes of striking violet, black hair as soft as silk and black ears of velvet. Most important of all, a tail black as dark as the night sky with a jewel far more precious than any human gemstone. It shines so bright, but so gentle, with the ability to grant any wish.

    Himeko is one of the four Dai Myoubu of Inari. Her and her twin brother are the Kuro Myoubu, or kitsune of the night that bestoy Inari Okami's blessings of the moon and stars to humans. She is the daughter of a Goetic King and a Goddess of the Underworld. As a child spiit, she is a Zashiki Warashi that protects humans from misfortune. It's funny to Himeko because many deities and spirits believe her and her brother are spirits of misfortune due to their black kitsune features.

    Her and her brother are Lunar Royalty, Himeko a Princess of the Moon and her brother a Prince. They are ambassadors as such for Inari Okami and have earned their titles of Princess and Prince.

    Himeko also has the duty of protecting the memories of all of the universe in the Memory Abyss. Every memory in existence slumbers in the Abyss in the form of feathers encased in delicate bubbles.

    With this task she is also the guradian to forgotten people, places and things. While she may be forgotten by humanity, she will never forget those who were forgotten.

    Himeko lives quietly and keeps herself hidden away as much as possible. She only trusts family or loved ones and only those who can see past the broken and cold princess's heart will see the spirit she truly is.
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