Axl Cinnamon

Head Sculpt:
Normal Skin
  • Face-up artist(s):
    WickedKai (myself)
    Date of acquisition:
    Den of Angels
  • Eyes:
    Glass Gray
    Favourite colours:
    Red, black
    Fashion style(s):
    Rock, casual, alternative, hard rock.
    Key fashion accessory:
    Leather clothing pieces
    Cinnamon is the classic rocker boy. He loves leather accessories and also leopard prints! He likes to wear band shirts and tight pants!
  • Name story:
    This is really funny xD I was out for some grocery shopphing. When I came back, I left all the stuff on the shelf with not much care. My Cinnamon flavoured chewing gum was left there open and the kitchen smelled like Cinnamon. I was walking around, looking for the smell and when I stared at the chewing hum I just decided I should create a character named Cinnamon.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Birthday: 14/01

    Zodiac-Sign: Capricorn

    Likes: Money, work, cigarettes, books.

    Dislikes: Lazy people, loud places, annoying children, abusive relationships.


    Cinnamon prefers to be called by his surname. He was born in small city in the USA, inside a trailer and his mom didn’t even know she was pregnant. Her belly didn’t really grow and she had no idea she was waiting a whole baby. During the pregnancy she smoked and drinked a lot, and he was born a small fragile baby. His parents didn’t really pay attention on him and he grew up to become a tiny girly boy, but with a strong personality.

    He was raised with children on the street, his parents never really wanted to keep him home and give him some education, so he was raised by the streets only. Together with his older sister, Courtney, they went to work in a prostitution house. He was only fourteen when he started prostitution. He got all kinds of clients and hated them all, but he was never really feeling bad. He had money and the control of his own life. As long as the clients were inside the house, the prostitutes would always protect each other.

    He started doing drugs, but never fell out of control. He loved them and loved to smoke all different kinds of cigarettes, weed, and other stuff. As the time passed, his addiction was growing and he needed more money. He wen’t out on the streets and started working there. The prices he used to charge for sex were lowered and he started doing things for a penny.

    One night he was assaulted by a drunk man that wanted him and didn’t want to pay. The man was angrily saying that once he was raped by a boy and got AIDS, and because of that, he would punish all other boys in the world. The man was out of control and really drunk, but Cinnamon was alone and wasn’t really strong. He tried to fight but he couldn't. The pain was bad, but the repugnance was worst.

    When the man left, he dressed up again and crawled back to his parents house. He asked his mother for help, but she wouldn’t listen a word. He tried to talk to his father, but he also didn’t hear a thing. He was left alone after the worst thing that could ever happen to him.

    Cinnamon forced himself to forget about what the man said about HIV. He just didn’t want to know. After a while, he went back to the prostitution house and started working again. But now his innerself was totally changed. He became a hard person. His heart was like ice and he just wanted everyone to die. His clients weren’t satisfied with the frigid boy he had become and the money wasn’t enough to live. He wen’t out to the streets again, but couldn’t work the same way as before. He was just too afraid of men and too addicted to drugs.

    Then, he found a boy.

    His name was Ethan Carnation and he played Football for a big highschool team. This boy was only sixteen, but he had tons of money and was interested in start doing drugs and asked Cinnamon for some.

    Cinnamon agreed and gave them to the boy. That was best night. The boy came back again and again, for more drugs and more nights. And after one whole year, Cinnamon started feeling bad. His body was weak and he couldn’t eat anymore. His lungs were pure pain and he had a high fever. Courtney took his younger brother to the hospital and the doctors found out he really had got HIV.

    For one whole week, all he could do was cry.

    The pneumonia got better in a few days, but he was only tears and hate. He hated the man that did this to him. He hated the world more than anything. He couldn’t stop thinking about all the boys and girls that had gone through the same thing, he already knew many of them and all they could feel was hate.

    He was feeling better, but couldn’t leave the hospital. The doctors were worried about his depression and drug abstinence and started madicating him. He wen’t to a rehab for a few months.

    While he was there, a certain boy came to visit. Ethan entered his room and found him in a better condition. Except that Ethan Carnation was worse than Cinnamon ever was. He started screaming and throwing things at Cinnamon. He said that he was sick, he had got HIV and that Cinnamon had condemned him to hell. They didn’t know that but they were deeply in love with each other before and this was a hard day to live. Ethan couldn’t stop crying and begged Cinnamon to stay with him, because he was going to die. Cinnamon felt terrible for what he did to Ethan and wanted to compensate, if there was a way to do that.

    Both of them spent some time at the rehab together, taking medicines and recovering from the drug addiction they had. They were a couple in a deep and intense relationship. They had their time whenever they could, all over the place, when no one was looking, but Ethan was just growing more and more possessive over Cinnamon. He started hitting him with no reason, and acting like a beast when it was about sex and Cinnamon was scared of his mindless boyfriend. One day, when the nurses were taking care of Carnation, Cinnamon found a way to leave and fled the rehab clinics.

    Cinnamon decided to stop living that crazy life and wanted to find his place in the world. He had saved some money while he was on the rehab and had plans to start college. Though, he needed a job first.

    He started looking for part-time jobs and for any place that would need someone like him. One day he was passing by a Gourmet Fair and entered to spend sometime and maybe find a job. He started going from table to table, tasting food and talking to people.

    At one of the small stands he found a nice looking man. His name was Arthur Pepper and he wanted to start a new business. He wanted to open a coffee shop in Manhattan and already had the money for that, but he had no employees yet. Cinnamon spent some time talking to the man and gave him his number.

    Almost one week later, when Cinnamon had forgotten about the man, he received a call. Pepper asked him to start working at the coffee shop that was about to open. Cinnamon accepted the offer and soon the coffee shop started to launch.

    Pepper loved Cinnamon’s name and decided to name the shop “Cinnamon & Pepper”

    They worked together for a while and Cinnamon started living like a normal person. He found a good place to live and adopted two cats named Jack (Daniels) and Johnnie (Walker).

    Pepper was greatful for the help of the little girly boy he had found. He started to fall for him. But Cinnamon never gave him a chance. He was too cold and too hurt to love anyone.

    Once, in a party at the coffee shop (staff only), they had a bit too much wine. Later on, when all the people had left, Pepper kissed him. They kissed for a while and things became a little hot. But nothing happened. Cinnamon just left and didn’t say a word about that on the other day. That made Pepper sad, but he didn’t give up.

    They ended up having (safe) sex two times after that. But Cinnamon would never let Pepper get close to his heart or feelings. it was only sex. Cold and distant.

    Two years had past and Pepper finally could melt (a tiny bit) of the boy’s heart. Cinnamon invited him to watch some movies at his house and meet the cats. They had sex that night and it was all love.

    Cinnamon never had to go back to the streets, and the coffee shop already have a franchise near 5th avenue. They have tons of works and Cinnamon takes care of the shop as if it was his baby child. Pepper cooks the best desserts in town and makes Cinnamon tastes every single one.

    Cinnamon never quit smoking. He actually smokes quite a lot. He stills have some self-desctrutive behavior and ended up breaking up with Pepper. But life can never be perfect, right? He is doing just fine.

    Cinnamon’s words:

    “People keep asking me to say something about myself. I avoid these questions because there’s really nothing to be told about me. I’m quiet, not into conversations, not into talking about myself. I’m what they could call “a victim of the system”. I’m a former prostitute. Yes, I like to take it in as much as you do. I like when the guys pull my hair back and make me scream. But I also like no one. I like being alone, as I’m always.

    You say much about me, about this serious rocker boy, that looks like a girl. The boy that was named after Axl Rose, me, an ascending rock star.

    Well, I’m nothing like that at all. You wouldn’t want to be me, I’m sure and I know you don’t want to hear about my damn life or my everyday. If you want to define me, well, there’s a simple way to do that. Have you ever watched some stupid videos they make over Youtube, called “The Cinnamon Challenge”? It’s nothing new, just people proving themselves to be the best idiots on the internet. The Cinnamon Challenge is about taking a full spoon of a very common flavoring and eat it all at once. To win this stupidity, you must keep your mouth closed and you can’t spit it out. The thing is, if you laugh or try to breathe, you’ll regret trying the challenge. That happens because cinnamon is spicy and strong, it tickles your throat, feels sharp and burns your tongue.

    Well, that’s me. I am The Cinnamon Challenge.

    I go fine with desserts and drinks, I’m good if you try me with the tip of your teaspoon and mix well with your coffee. Just don’t try to swallow me. Don’t push me down your throat. If you want me whole, keep your mouth closed. I’ll burn your tongue and make you feel the bitter taste. If you’re able to keep me in, you’ll have me. You’ll be the one that has proven yourself the most idiot in the world. You’ll win the Cinnamon Challenge.
    You’ll have the right to know how am I the one that makes you feel like heaven and hell at the same time…

    Even so, if you still wanna try it, well, go ahead. I’m just a step away, it’s not hard to start. Besides, I never heard of someone dying from cinnamon addiction before.”
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