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Cyndall Bachelet

Little Monica
Head Sculpt:
LUTS Senior Delf Type 5
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Little Monica (Giselle's Faceup)
    Date of acquisition:
    March 09th, 2018
    Bought the head directly from Little Monica, body from the MP.
    Reason for choice:
    The Sophia sculpt is gorgeous and womanly, she was perfect for my newest character; but a different character stole the shell, now I need a different faceup! The body, I bought it because it was pretty (and fit the character she has now) and was sold for a good prize.
    Best Points:
    On Little Monica's side, wonderful faceup; the LUTS resin is smooth, the sculpting is beautiful, and the upper body and arms are engineered very well.
    Worst Points:
    I hated the body, if I'm honest. It looks better than it works. I expected something better from LUTS. She's hard to sit up, and her normal legs' knees sometimes get stuck or come out of place (because the knee is a floating piece regardless of being single jointed), so I keep her in the heeled legs. She also has to be locked in place to stand straight, something to do with her thighs. I dislike how I have to put so much effort into simple poses other dolls do in a second like sitting down or standing straight. Update though: after changing the character, I love her a lot better. She's miraculously working now.
    This is the renewed profile for my Little Monica Sophia, but she has a different character now.

    I have been looking for her perfect shell since around 2014 and couldn't pinpoint who she was. After buying Sophia for a different character, she suddenly materialized as Sophia, stealing the shell from the intended character :XD:

    Her thighs are hollow, there's no ball joint. This makes handling her slightly different. You have the option to string her in a way that the elastic holding the head in place goes down to her knees, but her default stringing method makes the SDF type 5 a body that can be taken apart in sections without having to unstring the whole doll (like her arms and upper torso is one section, then her lower torso and thighs are another section, and lastly, her knees/calves/feet). The elastic that holds her thighs to the lower torso is hooked in a piece of resin in the hips area, where there's usually a ball joint, and that string goes down to a metal hook that connects the knee to the thigh. This is useful to switch between normal and heeled legs. (But it honestly makes it all so complicated). She looks beautiful, but man is she hard to pose :doh I'm planning on modding her leg joints!

    I really want to do a body review video soon...
  • Eyes:
    Random 14mm glass (temporary)
    Cream Blond Little Monica Melody (L)
    Favourite colours:
    Pink and yellow
    Fashion style(s):
    Girly with prints
    Key fashion accessory:
    Cyndall never shows her cleavage, she would rather use a turtle neck or something that completely hides her chest up to her collar bones.
  • Name story:
    I either heard this name or something similar in the background of a CSI episode lol. An extra was telling someone about maybe picking this "Cyndall" person up or something. I didn't know if I heard it correctly or how it was even spelled, so I made my own way of spelling it. This was around 2013.

    Later I gave the name it's own story within my story. Her name is a combination of her mother's name (Cynthia) and her older sister's name (Kendall). Her dad came up with the idea.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Cyndall is quite the character.

    She was born in Winnipeg with a congenital disease known as Tetralogy of Fallot and spent most of her childhood going to the hospital very often, and receiving a lot of care. People were very careful with her, and at a young age she began perceiving these special treatments as a negative situation. She believed people were that nice to her out of pity. She wasn't allowed to play games that involved a lot of physical activity because it could end up in a trip to the hospital, although she kept hearing from her doctor that she could lead a normal life, her parents still didn't want to risk it. Kids in school also treated her as if she was very fragile, and this angered her.

    The first time she was mean to someone because she got upset for being treated too nicely, the kid didn't want to talk to her ever again. She figured that if she was mean to strangers, they wouldn't want to deal with her, and therefore, never care enough about her to treat her too nicely or as if she was fragile somehow. Her tactics worked pretty well, and soon enough she found herself with her classmates disliking her. She was content with the results for a while, and she never told any adults about what was going on.

    With her family, however, she was quite the sweetheart. She was nice, she had good grades, and being the younger girl, she was treated like a princess.

    Her mother's family is closer than her father's. Her mom Cynthia has a younger sister named Leonore. Leonore lives with her family in the other side of the country; she's married to an Irish man, and has a total of 4 children: 1 boy and 3 girls. The boy is barely months older than Cyndall herself is, and since this side of the family was so full of females, her male cousin was her absolute favorite. There are some strong genes going on in the family, so her mom's relatives all share the same shades of blonde hair and hazel eyes.

    Because the Stranahan kids lived in Quebec, Cyndall and Kendall were prompted to learn French (even though their cousins spoke English as well, that way it was a 50-50 for both parties).

    When Cyndall was in her 10th year of high school, her aunt's Irish husband offered to pay for Kendall's higher studies. The business man has earned millions through his career, and being a family devoted person, he felt like it was a great high school graduation gift for the girl. Leonore invited Kendall to move in with them, since their mansion had spare rooms, and the kids would love for her to live with them. Kendall and her parents thought about it during Kendall's final year and accepted the invite, with Kendall applying for schools in Quebec and being admitted to one.

    Cyndall didn't want to be left behind. Her family were her only friends as a result of her gaining quite a bad reputation with her school mates, and seeing her sister move out was heart breaking, so trusting that Kendall was well prepared to care for her sister and knew her medication and medical necessities, her parents agreed for their youngest girl to also spend a year or two with Leonore's family. Kendall knew how to perform CPR in case of an emergency, so it was fine.

    When she had hit puberty, Cyndall had begun to feel lonely, but being as stubborn as she was, she refused to admit it, or change her ways. She had bad habits ingrained way too deep, and even when she tried to be nice to someone outside her family, she'd end up being a mess, in an awkward situation or most likely, becoming upset. Getting to live with her cousins for a while filled her eyes with sparkles, she'd finally have more social interaction with more people of her age.

    So summer arrives and the moving time comes, making Cyndall hit a wall of realization: she had forgotten about certain someone she despised, someone she had forgotten about with the excitement of moving to Quebec, and she hits the wall pretty hard.
  • [​IMG]


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