Elendae Narel

Head Sculpt:
SD13 Boy Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Angel Toast
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Me (Elendae_Nersil)
    Modifications artist(s):
    Angel Toast
    Tattoo artist(s):
    Me (Elendae_Nersil)
    Date of acquisition:
    January 5, 2005
    Bought directly from Luts. He's my first doll. His body was recently purchased from the DoA marketplace.
    Reason for choice:
    I'd researched a lot of dolls, and he was just the prettiest as far as I was concerned.
    Best Points:
    ~Elf ears
    ~Smirky face
    Worst Points:
  • Eyes:
    Red Volks Glass eyes in 18mm
    Luts DW-12 in Natural Black
    Favourite colours:
    Red and black
    Fashion style(s):
    Jrock, jpop, visual kei.
  • Name story:
    Elendae is an OC from a Tolkien fanfic that was started by a friend and I in 2003, called Chronicles of Tirion. He's one of the main characters focused on in the story. "Elendae" means "star-shadow" in Sindarin, and "Narel" means "fire-star".
    Character age:
    There are a lot of zeros.
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Name: Elendae Narel (Sindarin) Elleo Fingolfinion (Quenya)
    Nick Names: El'en, Dae
    Astrological Sign: Capricorn
    Hair Colour: DW-12 in Black
    Eye Colour: Unknown 18mm Red Glass Eyes
    Face-Up: Angel_Toast
    Mods: Elf Ears by Angel_Toast
    Type: CP EL in Normal Skin, OE
    Race: Noldo/Maia
    Martial Status: Soul owned by Galadhen Cianarion
    Personality: Elendae has a really lackadaisical, relatively easy-going personality. For as old as he is, there really isn't anything he hasn't seen done and redone to the point of overkill. For the most part, now he's simply bored out of his mind. He's sarcastic, straightforward, and blunt. He doesn't take a particular lot of bull, even though there's a lot of bull to go around considering the other occupants of his house. He'll be the first to tell you that he probably has a severe case of world weariness, but Valinor's ten thousand times more boring than Ennor, hence the reason he hasn't gone yet.
    Likes: Drinking Beer on the top of his house, jeans, his cars, modern technology, the internet, computers, singing, his band, trolling humans about his own mythology, bothering Maedhros, trolling Feanor, horses, summer nights, family reunions (because they're hilarious), milkshakes, Galadhen, sex, sex with Galadhen, late nights, scaring kids on Halloween, scaring kids regularly, scaring people in general, reading, dogs, cats, animals in general, swords, magic, fire, researching things he probably should leave well enough alone.
    Dislikes: Feanor, his own father, mornings, hangovers, sketchy sushi joints.
    Odd Quirks: Smokes when he's stressed.
    History: Fingolfin had discovered Elendae outside of his doorstep early one morning in a basket, and despite his wife's warnings that taking in a child with eyes like that would ultimately be a terrible idea, he ignored her and did it anyway. Red eyes or not, he simply couldn't leave him outside to the wilderness. Though, Amarie protested avidly and loudly concerning her husband's decision, Fingolfin passed him off as his own, claiming that he had gotten drunk at the spring festival and unknowingly confused his wife for a Maia. When Elendae asked his father what happened to his mother, he said that she was bound in service to one of the Valar, and couldn't raise him, so she gave him to his father. Whether or not that was the case, Elendae searched for the Maia that was his mother, but to no avail, none of the Valar's female servants looked anything even remotely similar to him.

    Then one afternoon in Tirion, Elendae met Mairon. Mairon was Aule's servant, one of the great Maiar smiths. Mairon had short, chin-length, midnight black hair and eyes the colour of molten fire, and not an impossible stretch from red as far as Elendae was concerned. However, there was a problem: Mairon was a man. There was no way his father could have mistaken a male Maia for his wife, or a man for a woman. Therefore, if Mairon was actually his father, who was his mother?

    So. Here Elendae was: the son of a Maia smith who betrayed his master for the dark side; his mother unknown. Needless to say, knowing who his father was didn't make things any easier for him. If anything, it made life harder and more complicated in the long run. Of course, Mairon immediately recognized Elendae as his child, and because of that, decided to begin to teach him important things about the world. These "important" things included everything Melkor had taught Mairon, and almost nothing that Aule had taught Mairon. To make a rather long, long story extremely short, Elendae became involved in a rather unsavory business with Feanor concerning some Silmarils and the mass exodus of most of the Noldor to Ennor, however, did not end up making the long track across the Helcaraxe along with them. In fact, Elendae did not end up coming to Ennor until much, much later down the road.

    When his uncle, Finarfin, brought the forces of Aman to Ennor to help with the clean up and destruction of Melkor, Elendae came along with him and, through some coercion from Glorfindel, decided to stay for a while. This was eventually how Elendae met Galadhen, Thranduil's head healer and personal friend. Glorfindel had been friends with Thranduil for "just ages apparently" and due to this fact, was always welcomed in Eryn Galen (even though Thranduil's a descendant from Elu Singolo, who didn't have a particularly good relationship with the Noldor due to the Sons of Feanor being all up in everyone's business, slaughtering folk) which, considering history, Elendae always thought was a bit strange.

    To start out with, Elendae and Galadhen couldn't STAND one another. Galadhen thought that Elendae was a rude, arrogant asshole and Elendae thought that Galadhen really needed to take that stick out of his ass. However, thanks to a pair of trouble-making twins from Rivendell and a bottle of Thranduil's Dorwinion wine, Elendae and Galadhen got married (we'd like to say that it wasn't a "shotgun wedding", but then we'd be lying).

    There is a great deal more than this, but the explanation and misadventures of it all would probably take a good six pages or more, so to wrap up, in the modern era, Elendae and Galadhen live a particularly quiet lifestyle (when Elendae's not out terrorizing people) in an old Victorian house (bought in the Victorian age) at the end of the block. In the last recent decade, Elendae became extremely bored and decided to start a rock band (because what else are you going to do when you're immortal), which he calls "Sovereign".

    To know more about Chronciles of Tirion, here's the tumblr page: www.chronicles-of-tirion.tumblr.com


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