Hunter Mathis

Immortality of Soul
Head Sculpt:
Light Tan
Dollzone B60-005?
  • Date of acquisition:
    July 2017
    IOS direct
    Reason for choice:
    I saw him one day, and he just spoke to me. :)
    Best Points:
    Great resin - good texture, awesome finish
    Worst Points:
    Nothing yet!
  • Eyes:
    16mm Turkish Coffee urethanes from Soul in a Box
    8-9 Lionhead style in Roasted Chestnut from Frappzilla
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    grungy, dirty stuff, mostly out of necessity
    Signature scent: leather, rosewood, tonka, incense, parchment, soft woods (BPAL Dee); clean and woodsy, with a touch of sweet from the leather and tonka, and a certain sophistication from the incense and parchment - perfect for a teenager who likes bright and fresh things, but also wants to seem more mature.
  • Name story:
    It took me forever, and looking at so many names before I got to this one! I'm still not even 100% sure that this one will stick, but I'm trying for now! XD
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Hunter is in my fan Fallout story.

    Orphaned at a very young age, Hunter was rescued and taken in by the Brotherhood of Steel, a military organization that has bases over the whole country. One of the Brotherhood officers took over Hunter's care, and effectively adopted him. Hunter spent years training to enlist in the BoS himself, but shortly before that officially happened, his adoptive father suffered a psychotic break after experiencing a severe battlefield trauma, and the BoS neglected caring for him after that point. So, Hunter convinced his father to desert the BoS, and they left, meeting up with another, different, military group elsewhere, the New New England Patriots.

    Now, Hunter's father is working in a more civilian-type job with the NNEP (effectively a glorified teacher and babysitter), and he and Hunter have half-adopted more orphans -twin girls, a few years younger than Hunter- into the family as well. Hunter is no longer training to be a soldier, though the NNEP regularly try to convince Hunter and his father to impart their BoS knowledge on to the NNEP forces. But Hunter is adamant that neither of them ought to get involved in anything militaristic --paper-only tactics, exercise regimens or lessons for trainees-- at all; since his father still suffers from PTSD and other issues, Hunter's taken it upon himself to take care of him, and doesn't want other concerns, or other people (or anything at all, really), to get in the way.

    Hunter tries to be very grown-up at all times. He spent so much of his childhood only ever training to be a soldier, but he never really wanted that, so now that he's been given an opportunity to explore other things, he's decided to himself that he wants to be a doctor. Considering his father's situation, Hunter thinks that he's the only person who knows his father well enough to help him, so he focuses most of his efforts on that. All of his spare time is usually spent exploring and salvaging old buildings, looking for psychological and medical research of any kind, and reading what he does find.

    Hunter's personality is a bit sullen for the most part. While he and his father have a very close relationship between the two of them, his father's a bit of a closed-off grump to everyone else at most times, so Hunter's picked up that behavior as well. The NNEP is a group where everyone's business is always everyone else's business too, and not having been in the group long, Hunter is not comfortable with how much interest other people show in them. He also doesn't like having to share his father with his new sisters -nor the woman who has taken a bit of an extra interest in his father.
    But overall he's a good kid; he often tries to take on more responsibility than he should, and always keeps an 'I can handle anything' front up, even when he's uncertain or scared.


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