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limited Light Tan (before airbrushing)
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    Sadly, I could write an essay on how disappointed I was with the skin colour. DZ's light tan event is far from cheap, and in addition they advertise a very different colour to what you actually get. The company photos are quite dark, and make the skin appear as a rich lighter brown. The reality is that the skin is a very very light grey-olive. In addition, it was marbled extremely from the seamline sanding, but also would turn lighter if you so much looked at it. In addition, I did not realise before purchasing it that the face sculpt is extremely wonky, with one eye a significantly different shape, size, and placement, to the other, and the nose and mouth veering off to the left. I tried to sell the doll on for ages, even knocking the price down enormously, but no bites. In the end I decided I didn't have anything to lose by going ham with mods and airbrushing!
    This is a doll I sadly feel very negative about, but I've put a huge amount of work into her to try and save it! I did a lot of eye modding to minimise the amount of asymmetry in the sculpt (you can see an exact comparison here). I carved open her mouth and gave her a new set of gnashers, I airbrushed her to cover up the extreme marbling as well as darken her to the skin colour I was under the impression I was actually purchasing, and generally put in far more work on this doll than I thought I was going to have to. I thought I was going to get her out of the box and she'd be ready to go!

    I'm still not in love with her, but since Doreen is an unpopular sculpt AND the base doll has so many problems, I'm kind of stuck with her! I'm hoping to gradually develop some affection haha.
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