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John "Doc" Smith

Head Sculpt:
White Skin
Silver Souloid Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Ludegirl (Previous Owner)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Ludegirl (Previous Owner)
    Date of acquisition:
    July 2015
    Created in Korea, sold second hand from Denmark.
    Reason for choice:
    He fit the character! He was also the most mature looking MSD souloid, so he was perfect!
    Best Points:
    Everything, he's very cool!!
    Worst Points:
    Hubby makes owning him and doing anything with this doll... very challenging.
  • Eyes:
    Souldoll A.A.P. AP23
    Brown with green point color Just You FMD
    Favourite colours:
    Green, Teal, Gray Steel, Black
    He's RoboCop meets Sheldon Cooper meets Professor Philip Brainard
  • Name story:
    My husband's near forgotton COH character, whom everyone knows very little about (especially my husband oddly enough). He coexisted in the game with the rest of us still. Hubby wasn't into creating a character, and left it to the group to decide while he focused on other things. Hubby likes video games, robots, sci-fi, and Doctor Who.
    The group unatimously decided on the name John Smith. Like a Jane Doe kind of name, which kind of works for a robot. Then the nickname "Doc" came about too for obvious Doctor Who reasons. Also, he was a (part time) healer in the game.
    He wanted, and needed to be included if I was making everyone else's into dolls... Hubby didnt agree at first, but just didn't feel fair to me leaving the loveable guy out.
    Character age:
    Looks like 20's (Ageless)
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    **Hubby actually didn't want a story for Doc at first, and gave me permission to make the character my own. Then he changed his mind, and decided he wanted everything I had about Doc changed. Hubby came up with this, and told me to stay true... Till he comes up with more ideas for my doll based off his character.**

    Doc was once a man. How long ago, he doesn't know. Whats left of him that he was born with, little. With no memories of his once human life, he was seemly kidnapped, and "upgraded" by a mad scientist engineer to be an obedient crony. Everyday Doc struggled to take control over his own body, and get revenge on his creator.
    Till one day, Captain hacked him to repurpose him. The hack was in part successful and not. Doc was now free and in control of his own body to make his own decisions. Unable to get his vengeance on his creator, he joined "Packing Heat".
    With Boss, Doll, and Capt. he would inevitably find his creator.
    For fun he is always at the base reading thick educational books, disassembling appliances, upgrading himself, stalking Captain, leaving unfinished inventions and gadgets laying round. It's rare that he ever finishes what he starts, so heaps if junk lay around with "do not touch" notes on them. If a coffee maker or toaster doesn't work, it's because Doc needed the parts. If he ever does finish an invention, it is briefly celebrated, and then taken to be used by Boss, Doll, or Capt. and never given back.
    Boss- "Look guys! Doc made a flamethrower! Woo" *shoots at random*
    Doc- "...Uh... That's mine."
    Doll & Captain- "Boss that's so cool! Can we try?!"
    Boss- "Sure!"
    Doc- wtf
    Doc intentionally makes things for no one but himself. He keeps mostly to himself, because he likes it that way. He doesn't do favors.
    Doc is the logical minded "Pain In The A**" of the group. Anything beyond textbook knowledge tends to go over his head. He is wary of Capt. due to her tech skills, and has a very slight fondness for Doll. Sort of looks to Doll as one would a sister. Boss and the group, to him, look simply like provider's. Most of the team is truthfully, unintentionally ignored by him. He doesnt think about spending time with others, when there are other more important things. He's almost always focused on a task. For once being human, he is surprisingly not very human.
    He is also unknowingly/ secretly the inventor of PARTY ROBOT, thanks to some drinking time with Boss ...
    Doc swears that it will never happen again..


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