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Lexi Fuller

Head Sculpt:
Minifee Eliya
Minifee FairyLine
  • Date of acquisition:
    Purchased from Emmr on Instagram
    Reason for choice:
    She was on my wishlist for a few years. Eliya took a long time to grow on me, because I used to ignore all sculpts with elf ears (my characters are mostly human). Now I just hide them.
    Best Points:
    Shape of her nose and mouth. All I think when I see her is “cuuuuute”
    Worst Points:
    Her eyewells are very difficult to fill out completely and her ears get in the way of most wigs
  • Eyes:
    Glass from unknown origin (they’re temporary, though)
    Alpaca from Etsy
    Favourite colours:
    Minty green, watermelon red
    Fashion style(s):
    Key fashion accessory:
    A book. She’s never without a book
  • Name story:
    I have another character with the same first name. Lexi was named after that character
    Character age:
    Early twenties
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Lexi dropped out of uni in order to have her daughter, who just turned two. Her boyfriend ran for the hills and doesn’t support her in any way. Her parents did not approve and have ever since then made it abundantly clear that they think Lexi made a mistake. Lexi’s older sister Hamlet is the only one in her small family to support and help her. Lexi works every shift she can get (and combine with Luka) at a local luxury hotel, working odd jobs. She lives in a tiny flat and just manages to make ends meet every month, but to her Luka is worth all of it. Lexi has had a bit of a crush on the hotel’s owner, Nathaniel Hornby, ever since she dropped a tray full of food outside his office and he helped her clean it up.


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