Martine Apollinar

Head Sculpt:
Mecha Angel Deneb
Cream White
Super Gem God Master Heliot
  • Face-up artist(s):
    St. James
    Date of acquisition:
    October 19, 2008
    Head purchased via DoA from missmerrythe3rd who was kind enough to split her doll for sale upon request.
    Body acquired in a trade with a local friend (green_judy).
    Reason for choice:
    I purchased the first version of Sard to be Martine but when he arrived I didn't think his slack-jawed, vacant expression conveyed enough viciousness, so I sold the head and bought a Deneb. Later I traded the Sard body for the taller Heliot body so his proportions wouldn't be quite so off.

    I bought a pair of jointed hands from Soom also, but later found that I liked the God Master hands since they had a more appropriately sinister, grasping feel. He would not realistically be depicted with extra long pointy hands.

    Mecha Angel female feet fit the SG male ankles perfectly, so he usually wears the high heel feet from MA Saiph.
    Best Points:
    Full lips and heavy-lidded eyes. Any resemblance to Angelina Jolie is always a plus for me.
    Worst Points:
    Horrible joint engineering. No butt or calves on the skinnier Heliot body so leather pants always look like garbage bags.
    Mecha Angels are all named after stars. Deneb is a white supergiant and one of the most luminous stars known. It is the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus and forms the head of the Northern Cross asterism.
    Deneb - Planet Spirit was sculpted by Jung Hye Eun in 2007 and first released in February of 2008. She was the second female type MA. Her February release was a tan skin version in a futuristic warrior outfit with a resin sword and high heel feet, white skin was also available but never shown in promo photos. She was re-released in April of 2008 in normal skin only as a mercenary bride in a dramatic tearaway white gown. Deneb was discontinued in 2010.

    Deneb's character stats:
    Age: 27
    Birth Place: Hebe
    Horoscope: Aquarius
    Specialty: Swordsmanship
    Date of Birth: 14th Feb
    Blood Type: AB
  • Eyes:
    DropRops Real Type Cobalt, 14mm
    DollHeart 8-9 black or auburn
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    post-punk witch
    Key fashion accessory:
    antique gold and coral Shriner pendant
    slim cut Volks and 4D SD17 clothing, Volks and Dollmore boots
  • Name story:
    Martine is phonetically related to Mardra, his given name, and his last name is derived from that of Guillaume Apollinaire.
    Character age:
    Seventy something, but currently occupying a stolen body about half that age.
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Martine is the elder half-sister of Aeschylus and Tyrian. She has an innate attraction to the supernatural and was thus a weak link when a demonic agent came sniffing around the family looking for a way in. While she survived unscathed for decades, other family members and associates died or were badly damaged as a result of her actions.
    When Aeschylus offered her a new lease on life in a cannibalized body, she decided to try living as a man for amusement and continued to wreak havoc, not realizing that her brother's offer was part of a more serious game that would allow him to punish her for destroying his childhood. Magnus has turned this messy plot on its head and kept the peace so far by sending Martine halfway around the world to work under the watchful eye of Blackpool.
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