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Grey (?)
Old Super Gem Female
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    Date of acquisition:
    Bought from a friend <3
    Reason for choice:
    I've been curious about Soom dolls for a long time and wanted to try one out. My friend was selling, so win-win?
    Best Points:
    resin color and face, great sloucher
    Worst Points:
    Nova sat beside her family that was alive but so very dead.

    Mother World was the ground, the sea and the sky. Cousin Life was a traveling star that shared it's light and warmth with Mother World. Children were the net that carried Mother World through Time and Space itself. Father Cycle was the Energy that kept the souls of all living things circulating in and out Mother World. They were most beautiful traveling planet in all existence, Homeland.

    Nova had Created that. She had transformed and combined the bodies of everyone in her family in to that one Entity. It was Mother World's dying wish: to keep hosting life for the children of her Children, Descendants. However, the very cores of her family still existed in this Time, they were buried somewhere deep within Cycle. But they were cold as stone and none of them were breathing anymore. And that is where Nova was, always.

    Nova was the first born so she had taken the heaviest burden: She had become the Guardian of the Original Three. Her purpose was to guide their never-ending journey through Time and Space. She was to stay awake through all eternity watching over Homeland and cores of her family but she was to never be part of them again.

    Nova had never felt this lonely before.

    When she was young, her hair had mixed with the surrounding Space, now days it had turned black and the spark that had once lit her eyes had dimmed out. She was able to be with her family and she was happy that she was the one who had made her Mother's final wish come true.


    Mortals in the Homeland were at war with each other. Original Three was nothing more than a myth to them and it made the cores of the Original Three and Children rot. Nova's powers were useless against the sorrow that Mother and Children felt when Descendants were at war with each other. With despair Nova had begged her Father Cycle to regain consciousness and guide her, what could she do? She couldn't withstand the powerlessness of herself.

    Father Cycle gave one advice to her daughter before slipping back to unconsciousness "Share your gift of Creation with Descendants, help me keep the Energy flowing faster. Then I can keep healing Mother's and Children's hearts."

    That is what Nova did. She'd spend countless Aeons walking through Cycle, searching for pure souls that could withstand the power of Creation in them. And when she found a soul pure enough, she'd transfer just a fraction of her powers to that soul, causing it to split in two. Nova would carefully drop them back in the current of souls and watch them flow back to the Homeland, to be born. Two Creators from the same souls would be born and they'd be drawn to each other in the Homeland. And when they'd re-unite, Nova would descend down to Homeland and tell them the truth and the meaning of their existence.

    Nova would do anything for her family. She'd stay up with their statue-like cores, alone. She would share her spirit with mortals. She would protect them all from outside worlds. And she would do it alone. If it meant that the Original Three and Children could travel forever through Time and Space.

    But still she felt lonely...
  • Eyes:
    black 12mm glass eyes
    Black self made alpaca wig
    Favourite colours:
    Black, pink, purple, turqoise, Space-y colors
    Fashion style(s):
    "Magical warrior/sorcerer"
    Key fashion accessory:
    Long capes, fitted clothes, mesh, lace, dark colors, easy-to-move-around -clothes.
  • Name story:
    Nova the High Creator
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    - Determined
    - Loves her family more than anything else in the existence, would do anything to protect them.
    - Has grown to despise mortals and can somewhat tolerate Creators but only when they work hard.
    - Cold and distant
    - Warrior and pretty much all powerful, no one can stand up against them
  • Current Sculpt: Soom Super Gem Migma


    Old Sculpt : Fairyland Feeple60 Sleeping Lunnula



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