Onyx Karth

Head Sculpt:
Normal skin
Feeple 65 Active Line
  • Date of acquisition:
  • Eyes:
    Black and mint
    Favourite colours:
    Fashion style(s):
    Modern Witch
    Key fashion accessory:
    Anything Black
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Back Story:
    Growing up in a family of witches isn’t always easy. Onyx grew up in Nefri and has been training to be a powerful protector her whole life. She is being trained to deal with hunters and become a recruiter to help find lost supernatural beings. She never really had a childhood because of her training and that gave her a bad temper. She tends to get angry easily and doesn’t know how to deal with things. One day while out with a crew looking for supernatural to rescue, she stops in a local coffee shop to watch for others who need her. A man sits down next to her, introduces himself as Phillip and they start talking about their lives, she visits the same coffee shop every morning hoping that he comes in and sure enough every morning he is there waiting for her. A few months pass and they become best friends. Phillip finally tells her all about his sister and when she asks how she is doing he says he doesn’t know. He tells her about how his sister ran away and that he has spent the last year looking for her. Onyx, after hearing this, decides to help him even though he is not supernatural. She tells him that it sounds like his sister might be supernatural and that she can help him find her. They travel out into the woods where Onyx preforms her ritual to make Phillip a seer. She then tells him that they need to travel back to Nefri so that they can get supplies and look for his sister.

    Facts About Onyx:
    Age: 26
    Town born in: Nefri
    Resident of: Nefri
    Race: Witch
    Best Friend: Phillip
    Fav Food: Oreos
    Fav Holiday: Friday the 13th
    Fav Color: Black
    Fav Animal: Wolf
    Personality: Sassy & Hot Tempered
    Hairstyle: Half Short, Half long. Usually black.

    Story Information:
    Nefri is a town that is a supernatural hub. Few know about it and those that find themselves in the town don't see it for what it really is. The town is protected thanks to the few witches that live there. From the outside it seems to be a normal town with normal people, but really everyone living there has some sort of supernatural power. Nefri is a safe place for supernatural to hide from hunters and live in peace.​
    Kotan, The town where humans with special abilities are born and trained to become hunters. This town is very dangerous for anyone supernatural and should be avoided at all costs. Hunters are trained to hunt down and kill any supernatural beings they find. Like most humans, they fear what they do not understand but these humans shoot first and never ask questions. They spend their lives learning about different supernatural and learning their weaknesses.​
    Behind the town of Nefri there is a beautiful forest called Lahore, inhabited by a lot of wildlife and unusual characters. Corrigan is known as the black fairy, she uses her powers to turn humans into animal hybrids and leaves them for the hunters to find. Good fairies created this forest for those human animal hybrids to have a safe home with others like them. The fairies shield them form any life that is not animal, because of this, most of the hybrids are afraid of everything.​
    Kami is a demon realm, it is only inhabited by a demon race that likes to cause trouble for anyone and anything. They feel no need or desire to associate with anyone but other demons and are very judgmental against those who associate with others. No one knows of this realm except for the demons that live there.​
    Not much is known about Hartona other than its a planet in space somewhere that is inhabited by godlike small animal creatures. No one knows of it except for those who have come from there.​

    Other info:

    Supernatural beings can "hide" their abilities and supernatural faces, they look like normal humans to other humans.
    Seer: A human that has been granted by a witch the ability to see supernatural for what they are.​
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