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Head Sculpt:
Oneoff Model Cristal
Infiniti Doll SID Boy
  • Face-up artist(s):
    miffimifster (me!)
    Date of acquisition:
    Head - Sept 8, 2016, arrived Sept 27, 2016. Body - Feb 2017
    Head - bought as full Oneoff Model doll on Yahoo!Japan. Body - also found Y!J at later date.
    Reason for choice:
    I have long loved the Volks Cristal sculpt. I especially adore the profile - nose and lips.
    A couple of years back one of the DoA members, who's also an amazing faceup artist, posted a Volks Cristal up on Flickr, and later on the marketplace. The head had one of her unique faceups, presented as a boy at the time. This began an inspiration in me to "re-shell" my second-oldest doll character Peregrin.

    Peregrin was a Luts Delf Nanuri 2006 boy, whom I absolutely adored for many years. However, he began to look too "cartoony" in his Nanuri shell, so I finally let him go.

    Recently, I kept "stalking" the auction for the Cristal oneoff, and finally, when I had some dollie funds, I bid! :D
    Best Points:
    Gorgeous head!
    Lovely, well-designed SDGr boy body.
    Worst Points:
    The head is smaller than I expected for a Volks head, but not too tiny. Also, faceups are a challenge at the moment, as I didn't realize how confusing the deep-set eyes were going to be fore me... I've already done the faceup twice, and may need to try a third (third time's a charm?).
    The body probably could do with some re-stringing, as it likes to turn the feet around into weird angles, and pop out of it's pelvic joint.
    View attachment 12955
  • Eyes:
    Ethereal Angels Blue Grass 16mm Eye Candies
    Leekworld Royal Grey
    Favourite colours:
    Teal, Maroon, deep reds
    Fashion style(s):
    Cozy wear mostly, but he does clean up nice in dressy clothes too! :P
  • Name story:
    My favourite Hobbit in the LOTR movie trilogy is, you guessed it, Peregrin Took!
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Peregrin and O'Carollan come from far away. They currently share a couple of rooms in a large rooming-house (owned by Marion).

    Peregrin (sometimes called "Pip") is an easy-going character. He's very accepting of people's quirks and has a knack for making almost anyone feel very comfortable. He connects well with both men and women, and he especially loves children and child-like people (Marbles and Peach).
    He carries himself like a cat, ready to spring, very relaxed, and lounge-y. No one seems to have seen him exercise, jog or stretch, yet he has amazing flexibility and agility.
    He always seems to wear a slight half-smile on his face, as if the world perpetually amuses him. And, he has been known to play the occasional harmless prank on a fellow roomy. :)

    He cares greatly for O'Carollan, and empathizes with his struggles, but gives him room to work out his issues on his own.
  • [​IMG]


    New faceup was done March 11, 2017





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