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Remus Lupin

Head Sculpt:
Probably Normal (head was purchased secondhand)
Mirodoll 61 cm boy body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Audra Payne (DoA username unknown)
    I bought from a Facebook user, who purchased from eBay. Head has the sculpt and Luts red raised logo sticker inside the head.
    Reason for choice:
    The existing face-up with scars and melancholy expression perfectly suited Remus, IMO!
    Best Points:
    The scars and sad eyes!
    Worst Points:
    I cannot restring a doll to save my life so this body is simultaneously kicky and floppy. It can't hold any pose that is not sitting with its hands at 90 degree angles. :(
  • Eyes:
    Grey/purple glass, unknown brand
    brown with greenish tint fur, unknown brand
    Favourite colours:
    brown (fur), silver (moonlight), red/crimson (blood)
    Fashion style(s):
    Modern-day: jeans, hoodies or long sleeves to cover his scarred arms, hats to distract from his scarred face, warm things (scarves, blankets, etc)
    Canon Marauders: formal school uniforms
    Key fashion accessory:
    Moon necklace
    His eye color changes based on the moon phase — when it’s near a full moon they are yellow even before his actual wolf transformation occurs.
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is available for offsite roleplay.
    Young Remus Lupin: As a child, he was infected with lycanthropy as revenge for his father's thoughtless words. Now just past his 16th birthday, his condition is manifesting more and more strongly, forcing him to confront his new scarred appearance and consider what his future, if he has one, might hold.

    ***This Remus is a slightly AU/changed timeline version of the Lupin from the canon Harry Potter books and films. His styling is alternately canon-compliant (70s-80s Hogwarts student) and modern-day depending on my mood. In my version, Remus was infected as a young child (just like in the books), but he does not start experiencing the full effects (and violent transformations) of his lycanthropy until his early teens. As he progressed through puberty, the physical damage to his body became more severe, resulting in scarring on his face, arms, and body. Now on the cusp of adulthood, Remus is starting to look past simply surviving the next moon cycle and instead consider what his future might hold...***
  • [​IMG]


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