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SummerbirdBJD Viola body
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    That grin!
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    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    The second being created the humans, closely following the demons in look and populace but denying them the ability of forcing the elements to heed to their will. Instead it gave them a better connection to the magic of the world to give them strength to be equals to the demons.

    Humans are peculiar. They resemmble demons at large, just missing any bending abilities and extra body parts such as horns. They age normally and don't have the unnatural life spans all other races of Silmä have. As they have no other means to compete agains the other races, many humans have made it their goal to dissect the magic around them until they understand everything a are able to wrangle it into submission.
    Very few suceed, but those few have powers enough to measure up to demons.

    Demons regard them as curiosities, as pets to toy with and generally not as equal.

    The majority of the magical theories were explored and published by human scholars, probably driven by the knowledge that they only have a short span of life to gain experience and thus making the most of it.


    Rosamond is Eleanore's current significant other. She's a human mage dabbling in black magic to stretch her life span (and so far suceeding).

    As a human she has reached the last third of her natural life span, a life that has made her very quaint and odd in her behaviour (malicious tongues claim that it's onsetting dementia).

    She was born as one of the travelling folk and very early displayed great skills in enchanting her audience, playing the part of the fortune teller at many a fair until she decided to focus more on the theoretical aspect of magic and signed herself up for one of the magical universities. After dropping out of university after a few years she started to research magic on her own, being responsible for the discovery of a few new spells and at least two books on magical theories credited to her name. Of course the 'proper' scientists do not like crediting her work as she is not a real educated person.

    She met Eleanor of Aquitania when she was already and established (more or less) researcher during her travels through Silmä. Both wise women (in their own way) they hit off right away.

    Rosamond is so far the only human who has credible been in the presence of gods. And scolded said gods and lived to tell the tale. She is like someone's kind grandma in appearance and especially Pazuzu regards her as such. Stephanus would just prefer she'd stop criticising his dinner choices.
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