Head Sculpt:
White Skin
DDS L-bust
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Volks Default
    Date of acquisition:
    September 4, 2015
    Second hand from Mandarake
    Reason for choice:
    Mariko is one of my grail sculpts and she was reasonably priced.
    Best Points:
    She's lightweight, adorable in everything, and comes off as very innocent and mature.
    Worst Points:
    I bought her with some light staining, and one of her ankles is a little wonky.
    My very first "big doll" that I ever wanted was a Dollfie Dream, and it wasn't too long after I discovered them that Mariko Sensei was released. I fell in love with the sculpt and her quiet innocence, but realized I wouldn't be able to own one at any point in the near future. I moved away from Dollfie Dreams for a long time in favor of a more affordable resin.

    However, I simply could not stay away. A couple years later, I returned to the DD part of the hobby, and after losing the lottery for the Summer Festival version of Mariko, I took to the secondhand market. A friend of mine directed me toward Suzume specifically, and I bought her within a couple of days. I have no buyers remorse about her.
  • Eyes:
    Freya's Dolly Corner on Etsy
    Favourite colours:
    Pastel pinks, purples, yellows, and blues
    Fashion style(s):
    Fun, flirty, but not particularly flashy
    Suzume wears a lot of "girly" clothing in pastel colors, but never edges too far into sparkly or frilly. She's best described is a feminine wallflower in terms of fashion.
  • Name story:
    I wanted a Japanese name to keep with the theme of my DD family, and I've always wanted to use Suzume for a doll character.
    Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Suzume is shy, quiet, and fades rather easily into the background unless pushed by her friends. Don't let that fool you, though, because she's rather sarcastic on the inside. Those who know her well say that her sarcasm is funny beyond all reason, but you wouldn't know it just from meeting her.

    She also comes off as very mature for her age.


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