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The Aviator unit367 - Avi

Head Sculpt:
Sweet Blue
Withdoll SWD with small bust
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Aeterno Aesthetics (me)
    Body blushing artist(s):
    Aeterno Aesthetics (me)
    Modifications artist(s):
    Nose mod by me
    Date of acquisition:
    Ordered from Withdoll on 02/06/2015!
    Reason for choice:
    Oh, how could I resist sweet blue skin WITH those amazing clear resin hand & feet parts? And a cute face, a well-working body with beautiful details in sculpting? There was no way I'd pass on her, and I'm so happy I didn't. ♥
    Best Points:
    The clear resin is my favourite, absolutely. I've never seen clear resin done so well, it's like glass and not at all foggy, but still there are no seam lines. She is so high quality, and poses wonderfully. She's delightful to handle.
    Worst Points:
    I didn't like her pointy, long nose. But I fixed that by sanding it into a better shape that suits my tastes better.
  • Eyes:
    SHeyes 16mm model 16009
    Wamami white synthetic fiber, 8-9"
    Favourite colours:
    Black, white, blue, pink and gold.
    Fashion style(s):
    She wears mostly jumpsuits, with occasionally a long-sleeved shirt over it. She likes turtleneck shirts. She doesn't wear much accessories, just a belt and sometimes a golden bug pin.
    Key fashion accessory:
    A golden bug pinned to her clothes.
  • Name story:
    Her full name is Aviator unit367. She was built to have an anti-gravitational system (meaning she can fly) and she belongs to the Aviator department. She was the 367th unit built to that department and was assigned to work as a mechanic. But she prefers to be called Avi, because it sounds more like a real name.
    I chose this name because it fits to the story.
    Character age:
    Around 20
    Character gender:
    No gender, but built to resemble a female
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Avi's story:
    Avi was built on Trash Planet 6 - or A'tkritkumnis as her people call it. As the name Trash Planet suggests, the inhabitable planet that served a nearby colossal planet as a junkyard. This nearby planet dumps all its inorganic waste on Trash Planet 6, as a "convenient" solution to their waste problem.
    At first the plant was just a normal junkyard, but legend says that life bloomed, when a mystical "Creator" arrived and created the first life forms by building them from the waste. He gave them artificial intelligence and gave them a purpose; to create others like them. Fast forward a hundred years or so, the technology developed on Trash Planet 6, and their species "evolved". They could now use a soul-harvesting technology, and put real, live souls inside the bodies of the citizens they kept building. And as their language formed, they gave their planet a name; A'tkritkumnis ("Discarded but not forgotten") and started calling themselves the Dvasinnn ("Souls").

    Avi was built when the civilization was thriving. She was the 367th unit built to the Aviator department. A soul for her was harvested like all the souls, by gathering bits and pieces of souls that floated as a part of the universe itself, and then putting those pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle that was formed from countless of pieces. Aviator unit367 was assigned to be a mechanic, and since her ability to fly allowed it, she was able to do her job in almost all conditions, no matter what the altitude.
    This job she did for over a decade, but as she had a very adventurous, gentle soul, she dreamed of something more than mountains and mountains of junk and garbage. She dreamed of real mountains, water, trees... She wanted to see everything that the world had to offer.

    The one day, Avi encountered her first adventure. She was gathering bits and pieces of useful metal from a junkyard near the towering city, when she came across a weird puddle of liquid metals. She touched it, and the weirdest thing happened - the puddle transformed into a person right before her eyes. But this was not an ordinary Dvasinnn. He seemed to be unable to control his form, turning from solid to liquid and back again when something frightened him. It was obvious that he had been discarded and deemed broken, but had still managed to live. Avi took pity on the Dvasinnn, who was unable to communicate with words. Avi's gentle soul wanted to care for him, but as she tried to bring him back to the city, to the society, they were both banned. This broken Dvasinnn was considered an abomination, a "ghost". But Avi refused to give up on him, so they set out to live travelling the Trash Planet 6, just the two of them.

    Eventually Avi, and the newly named Mercury, formed something the Dvasinnn call a "soul-bond". The Dvasinnn are unable to feel love the same way humans do, but a soul-bond is something much stronger. It means that you belong together, like the two pieces of the same soul, and you can never be separated again.
    So Avi and Mercury travel together, now outside of their own planet, exploring the universe and its amazing worlds. And they're happy, because they have each other.

    Personality: Emphatic, gentle, a dreamer to the core. She doesn't exactly have a very "strong" personality, and she speaks in a quiet voice. But she does have opinions about things, such as the environment - having lived in a Trash Planet, she doesn't understand how some are so ignorant towards the wonderful nature they have by polluting and ruining it.

    Likes: Nature, exploring, adventuring and discovering new planets. She loves the space and the stars, and flying among them with Mercury. She likes all living things and technology.
    Dislikes: Pollution, wasting beautiful nature, selfish/self-absorbed people. Hates cars.

    Additional information:
    The language of A'tkritkumnis is derived from coding. It's origin is actually English that has been scrambled by errors in computing and coding. It's very difficult to understand and speak, although the Dvasinnn obviously have no problems with it. Avi speaks three languages: proper English, the language that derived from it, Ezikltf, and a spoken form of binary code (which the Dvasinnn now use for programming, since using English resulted in many problems).
    Avi also built a belt for Mercury, using her knowledge of gravitational systems, to help him keep his solid form. He wears the belt now and is happier, because he doesn't have to transform to liquid involuntarily that often anymore. Mercury can also thank Avi for his name, as she named him the first time they met.
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