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Head Sculpt:
Woosoo Vampire Elf
Minifee Moe Line
  • Face-up artist(s):
    Angel Toast Aesthetics
    Date of acquisition:



    Kira Ito
    Alias: Yokai

    Kira Ito is the daughter of a humble merchant (mother) and a high ranking assassin (father) who were forbidden to love each other in both the human and demon world. Kira grew up not being wanted in either world and watching her parents also suffer the consequence of simply loving each other. She also watched her parents, particularly her mother struggle to raise her in what they thought was best for Kira. After being forced to moved to the outskirts, Kira's mother taught her everything she knew about trade and basic survival. Her mother was her toughest teacher. However her father became in debt to the high council in the demon world. He swore to be their sword and do their bidding as long as Kira and her mother's lives were spared. As a result he rarely got to see them. Kira traveled with him to the demon world a few times, but it wasn't until her mother's passing that she decided to leave the human world.

    Though both her parents trained her at an early age to defend herself, Kira started to train more seriously under her father as an assassin. Unaware of her father's intentions he was secretly training Kira as a weapon to take down the high council and their government. However this plan backfired when he was found out and was assassinated as a result.

    Kira uses the alias "Yokai" and becomes famous throughout the town and demon city for being a highly skilled swordsman and fighter. She is also considered one of the best merchants in the demon realm. She rarely uses her real name and the alias Yokai becomes her armor that she uses against the corrupt politics and those who run it...

    Yokai eventually travels to other parts of the realm outside of the demon city and crosses paths with Folklore...
  • Eyes:
    Oscar Doll
    alpaca handmade by me, Leekeworld
    Favourite colours:
    Crimson, Gold, Charcoal, Black, Pale Pink
    Fashion style(s):
    Fantasy: inspired by various Asian cultures
    Key fashion accessory:
    the blood of her enemies...
  • Character age:
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    Personality: Yokai is bold and very cut throat. Being a half demon she's quite small, but this works to her advantage since her enemies often underestimate her. She is extremely knowable of different types of demons and what their value is on the market. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor. Yokai only shares her caring side to those closest to her, which is extremely rare. When she was a child she befriended a geisha, the only other human aside from her mother who didn't see her as a freak. As a child Yokai dreamed of being a geisha and wearing beautiful kimono's however being a half breed was not in her favor. Before moving to the outskirts with her mother her friend gifted her kimono for her when she was old enough to wear it.
  • [​IMG]
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