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Head Sculpt:
Ayumu (1st Gen)
Normal Skin
Suwarikko Boy Body
  • Face-up artist(s):
    DenaliWind (The Dancing Deer)
    Date of acquisition:
    15 NOV 2013
    tasu on DOA
    Reason for choice:
    I've wanted a VOLKS YoSD for years now. When my friend Tasu put this little guy up for sale, I couldn't pass him up!
    Best Points:
    Everything! I love VOLKS YoSDs. The suwarikko body is especially nice for posing. :)
    Worst Points:
  • Eyes:
    16mm glass eyes (color tends to change)
    Spite & Malice 6-7" Charcoal grey
    Favourite colours:
    Blue, grey, purple
    Key fashion accessory:
    Purple & white beaded headband
  • Name story:
    Yuuya ゆうや from the kanji 裕允, meaning "abundant sincerity"
    Izumi 泉, meaning "spring/fountain"

    I chose Izumi as his surname because of Izumi Sano from one of my favorite mangas, Hana-Kimi~ x3
    Character gender:
    Offsite roleplay:
    This doll's character is not available for offsite roleplay.
    (a child that does not resemble its parents is the child of an oni)​

    Yuuya is the hero of his own story. He is sought out by Ouhime, the Queen of Cats, from the Great Kaibutsu Kingdom, to save the King of the Oni. Ouhime entreaties Yuuya to find the King's soul, which has been stolen by a mysterious and powerful thief. With the aid of various creatures along the way, Yuuya's adventure in the Great Kaibutsu Kingdom begins!
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