☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 17 ~~☆

Feb 3, 2018

    1. I am thinking about the crowfunding, but it seems like there is not too lot love for the 60cm jane,,,:...( I just don't like the head, it's so lifeless not like their boys. But it's ok if I must buy a head from other company, I am totally hybrid friendly.:lol: At last female embody is the body I was looking for, so it's a must have. And of course I just want a Granado doll for a long time.:love
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    2. I dont think 67 is going to be made, I asked how many more backers are needed for that body and I was told 4 more to be successful, which means I was the only one interested enough in it lol :lol:

      Not disappointed but Ive prepared myself that its probably a no go.
      Did some researching and the foot size will be very difficult to find shoes or even high heels because of the arch and length.
      I did suggest resin heels like some companies are doing, and making the resin high heel (the heel molded on) as an optional part and they said they would think about it, its nice they do consider suggestions :)

      Im thinking that small dolls are more popular like Popovy, Natalia and the FID dolls, but I dont like how the wigs, clothes and eyes look on the smaller dolls because finding the good (to me) stuff is too limited, expensive, custom, commission or difficult to buy when compared to the bigger dolls with almost everything easier to buy

      Does anyone know how Granado normal is compared to iplehouse white/dollshe fresh/ringdoll normal?
      I found some comparison of Granado new normal and iplehouse normal and the granado head is a lot paler than iplehouse normal, so I think it might be better to hybrid granado normal to iple house white
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    3. @SteamWitch should have known the Granado Queen would be able to help me :)

      He looks amazing and the hybrid looks so much nicer! Ringdoll normal is an almost exact match to Iplehouse white and Dollshe Fresh, so that is good to know for a good hybrid for me

      Thank you for the help and the hybrid looks great, muscular but not as swole as the default Granado bodies, it looks natural :)
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    4. Yeah, I really like the look for my character and the resin match is great. Nox is an orphan left at the door of an orphanage, the dragon tattoo is a nod to a heritage he never knew. He has clairvoyance and other ESP talents but has never found out anything about his parents.
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    5. I'm with you on the size preference, I absolutely abhor crafting things at that scale.
      D'you think it's worth it to jump on the 67cm crowdfund at this point? I was going to sit it out, since I just bought a couch and it wouldn't be super financially responsible to immediately make another big purchase (lookkit me, acting Like An Adult), but I also just got home from working my 2nd 12hr day this week, so.....
    6. @Girrl if I was in your place, I wouldnt do it

      The 67 is nice, but I really believe that if it was meant to be made, it will be. Im sure the crowdfund thing is only to see interest plus Ive seen the other sizes offered for Napoleon and Lucifer that were not successful in their crowdfund, so I think eventually we will be able to order it if they want to produce it

      Another thing is that the measurements are not 100%, they told me its approximate size, and after getting Enoch head, I think Granado tends to run small so Im thinking the final product might be thinner/smaller than the estimates, which might make hybriding difficult because the measurements as is, is great but not guaranteed

      Plus you worked hard, that extra money on the side might be needed for more urgent things so it is better to have that safety net than join a crowdfund that is not guaranteed. I feel it is so easy in this hobby to spend spend spend, so many offers, so many limited items and limited ordering periods that it tricks the mind to think of it like its a necessity, that you will miss out.

      Its dolls, there will always be more, there will always be new things, new companys and technology. The ones you have are already impressive and click with you, its not a bad thing to skip or miss on a "maybe" until more solid information is out and something that clicks immediately <3
    7. Excellent advice @GreenTeaSlug

      It's very true that sometimes it seems like all the doll companies are out to drain your wallet with special edition this or limited that. The 2nd hand market can be a very viable thing if your direct purchase option can't be made. I've gotten quite a few of my limited dolls and even both my grails that way although it can take literally years for that to happen (7 years in my case to find & purchase my grails).

      I have a crowdfund Lucifer. He was originally listed as being 55cm (if I'm remembering correctly) but measures out as 53cm so I'd definitely say the measurements are an estimate, which makes perfect sense since the crowdfund is to judge interest in a size and the actual doll hasn't been physically sculpted yet. Or at least I don't think it has.
    8. that's some incredibly sound advice, and it would have done me a world of good to have gotten it 10 years ago;)
      un/fortunately I work in a field where there's always going to be overtime, whether I want it or not, so there's always that
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    9. @LuckyXIII Oh! I like that you put him on the Lads body! He is amazing.

      I added up the workdays and holidays and the first week of August is the earliest the Lucky bags will be shipped. It's going to be a long summer.:horror::eek:
      I have only one doll incoming, the 43 Napoleon, the last BJD. Nothing else is ordered or expected. :o
    10. Please keep me updated on how the lucky bag turns out! Like many of you, I am also tempted to get one myself, but I only own a Vindoll in tan... Hopefully someone will be selling the heads in the MP? I love all of Granado's boy sculpts, but they are quite pricy!
    11. I'm feelin' lucky, so I decided to order a lucky bag! :) I'm already dying to know what I'll get. 50 days is going to feel like a long, long time.
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    12. Just dropping by to share one of the Father's Day photos of my hybrid Granado Michael (here shown with his daughter, an Iplehouse JID Violet). :D

      Origami 05
      by Yela Gatchalian-David, on Flickr
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    13. Father's day? Isn't that in September though? O.o
      Either way, they look very sweet together. <3
    14. It's this Sunday in our country (the Philippines). :D So it's different dependin on country, thanks for the heads' up! :P
    15. Father's day is today (Sunday June 16) here in Canada.
    16. Ooh ok it's the first of September down here in Australia. Weird. I wonder why we're different?
      Anyway, keeping on topic with a new photo of Iwan! Poor guy's been rather neglected of late, but he's on my list for face up/blushing maintenance and I'm thinking of commissioning a couple of items of clothing and accessories for him a little later in the year. Perhaps after tax time if I have leftovers from getting my car serviced.

      [​IMG]WP_20190614_14_45_37_Pro by Liz, on Flickr
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