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☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 17 ~~☆

Feb 3, 2018

    1. @Quiet and Insane Huh. weird. Mother's Day was last month here in Canada. For us, the first Monday in September is Labour Day (it's a bit of a floating holiday as it could be anything from the 1st to the 7th day). Come to think of it, I think we also celebrate different days for Queen Victoria's b'day. We do May 24th for her b'day here in Canada.
    2. I'm curious, since I haven't seen any discussion of him, has anyone else ordered Claude from Granado?
    3. @Iron_Dog - Mother's day is the second sunday in May for us down here, and Labour day is usually early March for us...that's the start of the Moomba festival, and the Queen's birthday was literally just last Monday. Though we celebrate for the current Queen. :lol: We don't bother with Victoria anymore.

      @mosaicwolf - I don't think so? Perhaps check in the waiting room?
    4. I ordered a lucky bag! I haven't ordered any kind of lucky bag since I got all the really crappy ones from Dollheart ages ago. It is exciting and terrifying.
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    5. I did too! I am following the IG posts about the event and don't recognize the last secret head he posted; is it really a new sculpt????
    6. I think so? It seemed that way from their twitter post. I literally found out about this yesterday, I have not been paying attention to BJD news lately! I wouldn't have even bought one except I have a body it can go on, and it might be fun to get a surprise doll and make up a character for it. Crossing my fingers the head is resin and NS or WS lol. It'll be hard to blush it to match otherwise!
    7. @VampireAngel13 I believe the lucky bag heads are only in NS or WS, even the vinyl ones. We are going to have a MP Swap thread when we start getting them so if luck wasn't good for you, it might be for another.
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    8. Oh good! I sort of only glanced through the rules or whatever and saw that you can't request a resin color, so I thought that meant any color could be in the bag.
    9. Ooh good luck to both of you!
    10. The lucky bag is so tempting. But I don't need more floating heads in-house despite how pretty they are. But so tempting....
    11. I updated the Wait list with the last few months added to it. You can enter your updates now. It seems not everyone likes the new format.
    12. I think he and the other prototype are just early releases at this point. I did see them post a teaser for his two face ups...somewhere.
    13. I finally decided to skip on the luck bags.
      I can't budget a 200$ doll lottery right now.

      I know the content it worth more than that, but I can't take the risk of not being able to use it if it's the wrong type.