☆~~ Granado Doll Discussion Part 17 ~~☆

Feb 3, 2018

    1. ....just saw it was posted so edited it out:lol::doh

      I hope to get her as the fullset silver with with the heavier makeup in white skin <3
    2. Wow!! This body is really nice! Much more improvement from the current body which being used by the company.
    3. That was my favorite look too..she should be amazing when she comes! (Mine will have to be blank).
    4. Jane is very tempting! I'm glad they have a choice of bust sizes, and all those nice hands. :)
    5. Did somebody order the lucky bag? If you did have you gotten a shipping notice yet? I order mine May 25th and I still haven't get a shipping notification yet. I thought it was going to last 50 business day for Granado to ship them.
    6. She's stunning!
      Though I'm exceedingly picky with female dolls, and she doesn't fit the idea I have for the few girls I'd like to get. Also doesn't help that my doll budget for the year has been well and truly blown for the year. But I'm super keen to see more of her!
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    7. I did! I'm not really in a huge hurry, but excitement and curiosity are getting the better of me and I want to see what I get! I heard nothing at all about them though. I follow Granado pretty much everywhere and I don't think I've seen anything about them.
    8. I did too. I figured the first week of August would be the first possible week of being shipped with their 50 business days, which is 10 weeks. BUT if they go by the end of the event, the last week in August is the 10th week. So it looks like it will be a more of a wait.