13cm necks?

Feb 22, 2018

    1. hey guys! I dunno if this is the right spot for it but does anyone know any male bodies with 13cm or close to 13cm necks?

      Besides the Dollshe 28M and 5th motif Timeless bodies. I think impl doll and Iplehouse SID have 12.5cm necks but I’d like to know what other alternatives there are! :)
    2. Mmm... first thing that comes to my mind right now is Spiritdoll Herculean body.
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    3. Soom Mega Gem is 13.5, Idealian 72 is 12cm.
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    4. I think the Ringdoll RGM-03 body has a 13cm neck
    5. LLT75 is 14cm, AS74 is 12.5cm
    6. What’s the AS body? Angel studio??

      Haha I actually own the RGM 03 body and it’s got a 10cm neck and they just really badly typoed it in the website
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    7. yes! 74 body looks pretty nice! I'm considering getting one for my pygmalion robin
    8. Angelsdoll Evan- 74cm height with head, 12.5cm neck.
      ASD70BODY – Angelsdoll

      Ringdoll is great for the Pygmalion Robin head, so is the AD Evan!
    9. Totally off topic, but does that mean the heads that go on those bodies (the heads listed as 13cm neck holes) are actually 10cm? I really hope that’s it, it’ll make my hybrid job easier T^T