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20-25cm mature male bjd?

Jan 2, 2019

    1. I see there is a painful lack of boys in my range of mature tiny, anyone know any sculpts?
    2. The smaller sized "mature" male dolls are not that popular, so I don't believe you'll find many. I've seen some mature male dolls on Etsy, but I don't believe they are on-topic for DoA -- at least I don't think they are (just google 25cm "bjd" male + doll, otherwise you might get some unwanted results). However, they are 2cm taller than your 25cm requirement. Xaga Doll has their Red Obsidian line, I think they have three different sculpt options -- they are a bit baby-faced (IMHO) and 30cm tall, but I really don't think there are any smaller ones that are actually on topic and male (at least not that I know of) . Females seem to be a bit more popular all around, so you will find smaller mature females. Maybe you could turn one into a male? It would be hard if you are looking for a very masculine male, because the mature female dolls tend to be very curvy, but it's an option at least. Good Luck in your search! (:
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    3. The Batchix Clever Little guys are pretty small - 29cm. This link may be old, but you might find it helpful:

      Clever Little B »
    4. He's almost 30cm but anders by balljointedheart came to mind almost immediately! i quite like david's sculpting but unfortunately I am not a mini collector. If you don't like anders he seems to be doing some more minis on his instagram so i'd keep an eye on him
    5. Little Monica has a "mature" tiny under Muse Harmony although he is a somewhat childish sculpt. Maybe a different faceup would help that.
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    6. I have a cute mature mini from vitzly.putzly (instagram link: Anna Egorova (@vitzly.putzly) • Instagram photos and videos ). I don't think he's on topic though, so you couldn't share him here. Again, he's slightly bigger than what you have specified (I think he's about 30cm, more similar to Granado's Lucifer).