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$20 Bed for Minis!

May 31, 2008

    1. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10101664

      Yes, the Duktig bed fits MSDs great. I just bought it on a whim on my trip to IKEA this week since I was in the Atlanta area...I figured that if nothing else, it would be great for tinies, and it is, if you want them to look like little kids in a bed (my Yo-Tenshi works the store display model), but I laid down the one DOC girl I have with me right now in it and it fits her wonderfully! There's a few cm of space below her feet. It's so awesome, although be warned, the bedding is just junk and you're going to have to make a REAL pillow, lol.

      Looks like you can't order it online, but if you have a friend who lives in a city with an IKEA, get them to pick one up for you!
    2. Good to know! I think tomorrow I'll head out and check it out. :) It also looks like Ikea can provide useful storage items that can be used for doll clothes~ We'll see if they are big enough~
    3. XD Awesome.

      I'm looking for a Bunk Bed for MSDs actually. I found one at Walmart.com (Badger Basket brand) however that bunk seems to be sold out/out of stock everywhere. Quite sad.
    4. I've got that bed too, it's of such a nice quallity but my narae43 looks weird in it, the bed is to rough and big, it looks out of proportion. But I think other msd's will look better in it (narae's are mature mini's) because of their posture
    5. My mature mini looks fine in it, or will once her girlfriend joins her and I get some less toddler-like bedding. *grin* The frame is super nice and the width would probably work out to a full or possibly even a queen bed, I think.
    6. I just picked up the bed today and my friend's/roommate's MSD Dollzone pillows (the ones that came with her Shoyo-2 fullset) fit *perfectly* in the frame.
    7. wow I will go to see soon. Thanks!
    8. I bought that bed after one of the girls in my local doll group bought one and sold it for the cost she bought it at and gave free nice bedding away with it. I bought it and I was thrilled to pieces with it. Only warning I give is the DZ MSD Boys are the absolute limit for that bed. My Megi just makes it with maybe a couple of cm to spare.