2018 Mirodoll 1/3 discussion thread

May 29, 2018

    1. My Wind is pretty floppy too, haha. I tried tightening her through her head cap without unstringing her, but it wasn't enough. I guess I may need to try again!
    2. yes they seem to use thin elastic for the size of the doll - I'm going to get something a tiny bit thicker (bearing in mind the width inside the limbs isn't much sometimes) from ebay - bungee shock cord it's ususally listed as - it's quicker getting it from a local seller than a doll company, which is why I get eyes from ebay reborn sellers and in stock dolls as a rule (my Mika was in stock thank goodness) I'm so impatient :whee:
    3. @cchenique Thanks for that! Yeah.... this thread seemed dead. I am not a fan of Facebook, but, I did some exploring to try to figure out some things.... the community there seems to have a direct relationship to the company, so that was refreshing to learn. Yep, once I am ready to decide if she's the 'next' I'll be more serious to ask. I hate to ask a company a question before I have the funds and my mindset ready. I have too many resin friends in need of faceups/blushings and I'm backed up on sewing while the machine is in the shop.... so after the doll I'm currently planning, I'm going to start to be very serious about this muscular girl body. Most girl bodies and heads look very similar to my eyes, so a different sort of design really catches my attention! I'm thinking a super-fit elf would be very, very cool and fun to style.
    4. Someone in the Mirodoll Facebook group told me Mika's head is 22.7cm. I ended up finding a wig I ordered on Etsy that is for pullip-sized heads, so it should be big enough hehe.
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    5. I agree! The muscular girl body is much different from sculpts from other companies. They have also been working on a mermaid tail for the 1/3 sized girls. It's been done before, but it's still something new! I would recommend buying from Mirodoll when they are having a sale, since they do a 40-50% off sale like 3 times a year. :P
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    6. I've got a Mirodoll Anne. I think I'm her third or fourth owner. :D
      [​IMG]Naughtia - Mirodoll Anne by Kelli, on Flickr
      She awaits a fresh face up...and wig. Dozen wigs in my wig box and not one of them fits her head.
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    7. @Kelli I love her color. I hope you find a wig to fit and I look forward to her faceup too.
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    8. @Kelli I can't wait to see what you do with her! Make sure to post a picture :D!
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    9. she looks really fun @Kelli :D I love a doll which fires my imagination to think of something different to normal - very inspiring

      Meanwhile I felt less than inspired at 4am last night, having battled for HOURS to restring my miro 1/3 girl body :horror: on the floor next to my bed, as I only have a tiny room - so I had to get it done before I could go to bed! I got some 'bungee shock cord elastic' from an ebay seller, and swapped out the 3.5mm they used in her body - put that in her arms instead. The floor bit was a struggle for me as I'm old with a bad hip and can't kneel down - didn't think that through did I :XD: but I didn't want to risk getting resin dust on the bed. Hey I now have thighs of steel LOL - think I'll feel it tomorrow!

      Anyway - the REAL problem with the 1/3 girl I restrung last night, FYI, was the hooks for the feet! Such a small detail, and yet so important! Think I might invest in some jewellery pliers or new hooks or something for the next big restring! Or hope they used different hooks. I had to use tiny scissors and all my strength to open up the hooks in the end as it was impossible to hook them onto correct tension, 4mm elastic - they had used the same hooks for the feet as for the hands, and yet the well inside the foot to the connector was much deeper than on the hands, so it was impossible to hook an unmodified hook onto taught elastic - I even struggled to get the feet OFF initially as I'd tightened the original elastic a lot at the head end. Which does explain why the new doll was floppy! Only way they could attach the feet. Or maybe it's just lil old me? :frownyblush: Oh well - it's done, I got a few hours sleep, and now waiting for the Sally head to complete the doll - which I think I will be unimaginatively calling Sally :whee:

      As I've not restrung a doll for years (and always hated the job) I wanted to do this body for practice, before tackling Gloria, my floppy mirodoll Mika :aheartbea I think I might order some black elastic for her anyway, now I know what thickness I need.

      PHEW :hamster:
    10. well I bought a set of cheap 'mini pliers' from wilko and set to with Gloria (my Mika) - and yes the pliers were essential several times! I strung her with the 4mm elastic cord again and finally came to put her head on - but the knot was huge and solid :horror: thankfully the pliers came in handy again hauling the knot through the neck hole, then I slipped the head-hook through it and breathed a sigh of relief! She is probably strung too tightly now - I used pliers to wind the ribbon pulling the string/elastic down from her knee to her ankle, because my hands weren't strong enough - so that is super-tight - at least she can sit unsupported now though. And I tried a new wig on her, which is a 9" vintage doll's wig from an ebay seller - and I love her even more now :love

      [​IMG]Gloria (mirodoll Mika) by elve, on Flickr
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    11. When I tightened the strong at the neck of my MiroDolls, it wouldn't fit through the head either lol. I had to take each knot one at a time and pull as hard as I could to get them all through, then pull the hook up separately. I am so scared to remove their heads if I need to change their eyes or something lol.
    12. well I didn't attach the arm elastic to the head hook so that was one less knot to worry about! But someone on the fb miro customer group has just advised me that a lot of bjd companies have the knot inside the body cavity, and just a loop of elastic/string going up to the head hook - which is a great idea! I've not strung enough dolls to realise that but I'll bear it in mind in future - although for now I am going to put off restringing any of my mirodolls for a looooooong time :XD:

      I did try just hauling the elastics up to make both of my mirodoll bodies tighter but the string is just too thin really - they used 3mm for the arms, and 3.5mm for the body, whereas I put the 3.5mm in the arms and used 4mm for the body - but that made the knot even bigger, thicker and more solid, so I wish I'd thought to leave it inside the body cavity!
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    13. I made the same mistake when I started to mess with the strings in the doll. When I learned and changed to having the knot for the arm loop inside the chest and doing the same for the bigger loop for the legs, torso and head also go into the same area of the chest, managing the S-hook was soooo much easier and a lot less trouble to remove the head for changing or adjusting the eyes. It's one of those little details that often gets overlooked when you are new, and people forget to tell you. I'm glad y'all sorted your dolls though. It takes a bit of fiddling with them sometimes as each doll is different, even when they are the same sculpt from the same company, there are always tiny differences.
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    14. sewed some easy pj's for Gloria, my mirodoll Mika :aheartbea and she stands like a rock :whee: I am STILL recovering from my injuries though! All the skin flaked off my knuckles as they swelled up so much from the strain of restringing her - and although the bruises on my thighs (where I had to brace my elbows) have faded, the skin is flaking there too - I'm fragile :frownyblush: She's worth it though - love her so much!

      [​IMG]Awesome! by elve, on Flickr
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    15. yay :dance got my mirodoll order through yesterday so had fun with wigs and eyes for hours! I've had this mirodoll body for years but not found a head I loved till I saw mirodoll Sally - and yes she's even cuter in person - I love her :aheartbea Their faceup is certainly better than I could do, although the eyelashes aren't great quality - but at that price I am very happy with it! Body and head are 'normal pink' but the body has mellowed some over the time I've had it. The head is a strange fit though - a bit gappy and could do with glue sueding maybe one day. I had to swap out the head hook which the body came with (nearly 2yrs ago) as it was too big to fit through the neck hole! Thankfully the old big hook fit fine through my Luts Abadon head so phew - crisis averted - I should keep a stock of hooks too I guess. She looks cute in this wig, and there's another - she looks good in most of them TBH :aheartbea

      [​IMG]Sally came home! by elve, on Flickr
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    16. She is so pretty! I can see a little lamb following her around. :whee:
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    17. thank you :D that is another good reason for me to order Island Doll's little sheep, Nuan Nuan!

      I also got 2 other mirodoll heads; Jared and Iris :aheartbea And can you believe they're all 'normal-pink'? I'm very happy with them anyway, although not sure what to do with Jared (or Hoagie as I've called him) since the wig I bought for him is too small - I think he'll be a red-headed Scottish man eventually....? I like that he's a mature sculpt - he could be anything from 30 to 75 years old!

      [​IMG]3 Heads in the box by elve, on Flickr
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    18. oh and gorgeous Gloria (mirodoll Mika) changed her wig again - I think this one is my favourite so far (dollzone one) Curtis is now bald as she stole his hair :ablink:

      [​IMG]Awesome Gloria! by elve, on Flickr
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    19. I just paid off a Mirodoll 60cm girl body and am in the process of buying a 68cm body for Kylo. Any advice, other than restring and suede? I thought about modding the shoulders, they seem really sharp in comparison to the pictures, like they won't pose well at all.
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    20. This is pretty random, but does anyone have any ideas as to what heads may work with the Mirodoll 68 cm thick neck body? I have recently received one and it does not fit the head I bought for it.