3D printed dolls

Oct 10, 2016

    1. I don't know if I post this in the right thing, but ever since the forum went to the new site I'm mostly lost around here (sorry DoA).

      Though I did have a question around here. Lately I noticed that there are a lot of new dolls that instead of Resin, they are printed with the 3D printers. I was wondering... are they allowed here on the forum or are they not?
    2. DOA rules still deem non-resin dolls off topic. HOWEVER. Dolls that have been 3D modeled and printed first and then cast in resin are totally fine once they've been deemed on topic based on jointing criteria and whatnot.
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    3. Alright, thank you for the information :) I wasn't sure, even though I do not always like the fact of printed dolls, I did see a lovely dragon that was on my want list but wasn't sure if it could be posted here.
      Thank you anyway ^^
    4. Oh 3D printing doll! I just knew it yesterday...the technology is developing so fast! I wonder how to make it, do we still need to make the sculpture? Or just designing the dolls through computer software? I am a graphic designer, so when I heard about this technology, I really want to have a try...hahaha!
    5. I really wish they would be on topic of they do