5th Motif Discussion - part 4

Dec 3, 2017

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    2. Whoa, these hands are amazing. I love the pointing/fist ones!
      Thanks for sharing this link! :)
    3. @LuckyXIII - my guy wears 8/9. so does Goohwa. Venitu head circumference = 21cm . from ear to ear around largest back part of skull = 11cm.

      @GoodbyeYouHelloMe - you're very welcome.

      :chomp: :candycane
    4. Does everyone already have plans for their Venitu? I bought mine without any and I’m incredibly nervous about what I’m gonna do with him!
    5. @BoneLace - I have a Goohwa incoming instead, but while I was trying to justify the purchase, I searched through my mental OC database for which character he would best suit. I finally settled on a long-standing one that fits in with several dolls I have at home already. But whenever I have a random doll incoming that wasn't already given a style due to character, I just throw what I like best at them and see if it suits. Granted, right now, it looks like I prefer naked, bald dolls, but it's been a wild year.

      Also, I have a question for those who have their 5th Motif dolls home. I know that Venitu and Goohwa take 12mm eyes, but is there an eye size anyone prefers other than those sizes? Or would the head even support different sized eyes?

      For instance, I find that I tend to have my dolls wear a size down than the recommended - especially my dolls with narrower eyes - for either a slightly more realistic appearance or so that I can actually see the eyes. Is this something that actual owners would recommend, or would there be too much gaping?
    6. @BoneLace I bought mine without any plans either - Goohwa too. :lol: But that's usually how I roll; they arrive and I figure out who they are from there. I do have a rough idea of what I want to do with them both, but I'm not sure how feasible it'll be. I'd have to get back into sewing lol.
    7. @bewaretheshort1 @shinibun
      ahhhhhhhh goohwa is such a precious sculpt as well! I'll be really happy to see more people with his sculpt tbh!!
      But i have been kind of anxious because venitu is so expensive and i've been sketching out faceup plans for him all day now and I'm not sure if it looks good or not >.<;;

      would it be alright to run the design by everyone in the thread at some point!!

      I'm also actually super nervous because one of the mods is gonna have to be permanent and there's a constant terror of what if I dont end up liking him and whats his resale like with such a permanent mod!
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    8. I bought him because he's the only sculpt I've seen that fits my favourite OC and I know exactly how I'm going to style him. I'm really nervous to do his faceup, I feel like such a beautiful sculpt deserves way better than what I can do. I don't feel worthy to paint it.
    9. @BoneLace I vote to share it when you're feeling confident with it! I can't draw with a darn so I love seeing what faceup artists get up to with these sculpts. :D And a permanent mod! That sounds so exciting but it would make me nervous too honestly lol. Can you swing getting an extra head, just in case?
    10. I usually size down in my dolls as well but I really like Kal, my Venitu, in 12mm ^^
      I think they aren't too big or too small~

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    11. 14mm for both my guys, because they're not human.
      otherwise, I'd go with 12mm.
      (Ariel has silvery scales on the back of his head & sometimes wears a headful of serpents):abambi:


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    12. @Yuna-Ki your boy is so gorgeous, I love him :love It looks like he and my boy Mikhail might have the same eyes! Are they Mako eyes?


      Tried taking some photos of Mikhail with one of his boyfriends, Stuart (he's in a polyamorous relationship with two boyfriends.) Taking photos of two dolls together is so hard sometimes :vein
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    13. I've been drooling over your Venitus for a long time and thought i'd never get one... But now I have the head on layaway! :D Exciting!
      It seems like there isn't too many hybrids around, so this might be a longshot, BUT! Does ANYONE have Dollits D.A.D body and have a Venitu? Is that an impossible hybrid? I really love the propotions of Dollits bodies, I hope to hybrid the head with that body.
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    14. Congrats on the head! I'm doing a hybrid as well, except with the Dollstown 18yrs boy body. I took look at the Dollits body to check out the measurements, and boy is he a looker!

      I've seen a Goohwa head on the 17yrs body, it looked good. I can't imagine Venitu looking any different. The Dollstown body has measurements similar to the Dollits D.A.D body you're looking at (within a centimeter of one another, with the Dollstown body being somewhat thicker, but with a thinner neck). So, theoretically, it can work rather well. The Venitu head is a little bigger by about 2 centimeters than what the Dollits bodies were made for, but seeing as the Goohwa head suits the Dollstown body very well, I don't think that'll be much of a problem (and given that Dollstown heads look to be bigger yet than Venitu).

      Here and here are where you can find the pictures of the Goohwa head on the Dollstown 17yrs body.

      Your biggest hurdle is going to be neck size. The 5th Motif boys have very large necks - 13cm - and most boys in their size range will have necks between 10cm-12cm, with most leaning towards the lower range of that. You're going to need an adapter. I don't yet know of anyone who makes them, but I've only just started looking within the past day. Making one yourself shouldn't be too difficult, I think.

      I can't say anything about how the resin might match. One of the reasons I went with Dollstown for my boy was that I was almost guaranteed a close resin match, as Dollstown is also cast by Dollshe. It might not be as perfect as getting him on the body he was made for and cast at the same time, but I like not having to do more research. :D

      Sorry for the long reply, but this is a topic I can get really carried away with.

      @Yuna-Ki @petiteballerine and @solitary agent - Thank you all so much for the pictures showing your boys' eyes and answering my question. It's really helped in my research for Goohwa. Even though I may not be able to get everything for him immediately, I like having a plan to follow.
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    15. @LuckyXIII - 8-9" if they're quite stretchy, but I've found 9-10 also work well and don't slip around too much.

      @bewaretheshort1 - 14 mm eyes are what you want to definitely avoid any gapping, but you're looking for irises around 5-6 mm (so smaller that average for these eyes). Pariah's are handmade 14 mm with 5 mm glass irises.

      [​IMG]WP_20171119_19_11_05_Rich by Liz, on Flickr

      @Yuna-Ki - He's so pretty! :D

      @petiteballerine - More Ariel spam, pretty please. :abambi:

      @solitary agent - Aww, they're such a cute couple! :kitty2
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    16. Haha, they are Mako. Twinsies! :lol:
    17. @bewaretheshort1 Personally, I think the 5mm irises in 10mm eyes look very nice with Venitu, but 10mm eyes in themselves are just too small and gap a lot. I'd suggest doing like @Quiet and Insane and get a smaller iris size in 14mm eyes. 14mm eyes fit inside the eyewell nicely.
      My Venitu use 14mm regular eyes, but he is also not supposed to look human.
    18. Ahhh I’m super shy about showing a WIP since normally I don’t post them publicly but if I can get some feedback on this *tentative* faceup design, that would be great!!

      Instagram post by MajesD • Dec 5, 2017 at 6:57pm UTC

      That’s super sweet of you! But I’m not a faceup artist haha. I’m just an actual painter and I’m gonna hopefully be working with my friend on the faceup and dye job!!

      I’m just super nervous about the dye job because it’s not the most fantasy color in the world (pure black) but what if I don’t like it _( :3」∠)_ I’m nervous that it’ll be impossible to resell even tho it’ll have an even dye job
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    19. Mine are 12mm, but I can’t recall which model they are. Maybe from the Amaryllis line?