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5th Motif Discussion - part 4

Dec 3, 2017

    1. @Khlovera Both look fantastic. Congrats!!
    2. @Khlovera - Congrats on your two boys! They are so handsome.:)

      Well I've had this boy for over a year and a half (ordered from the lovely BJDivas)...and finally got a faceup for him (by SDink). Stringing him was an adventure and good upper body workout too. LOL

      But I an anxious to finally have a Venitu ready to share. :XD: Please meet Ingram Eyre.
      I was pleased at how dang tall he is too.

      [​IMG]Ingram Eyre by luluna33, on Flickr
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    3. Very handsome fellow. Love a man in his dress blues.
    4. Ingram Eyre is the perfect name for him. He looks so regal in his uniform and dress whites. Great photo and I do love his faceup. Well worth the wait, Congrats.
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    5. @animemom and @oriscany - Thanks so much!:) I'm so thrilled to have him come together. And for the record he took so long to become finished because of me...not SDink. I had him in the box all apart and just didn't get to him for ages...then I had an opportunity to get a faceup and I dug him up to get it done.

      The outfit (From SartorialJ) I've had awhile...but wasn't sure who would get it...but it all came together including his name which I thought up about two weeks ago.
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    6. Oh wow @luluna, he's absolutely gorgeous! :D
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    7. Don't you love the things that J Sartoria makes? Such a creative design person/ group and I love the quality of the things that I've gotten. I love SDinks work.
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    8. Finally with everything that has been going on around here I finally took a few new photos of my boys together. Trying to work out how to get them to look at each other as well as show attitude.
      [​IMG]Practicing by Marie, on Flickr
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    9. @Khlovera your Venitu is handsome !

      I've a question, please. What shoes fit Venitu big feet ? Mine is still barefoot.
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    10. Wow, he's really good looking. I just placed an order on Saint, and now I want Venitu too. Its really sad that he is discontinued!!!
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    11. I bought all my dress shoes and boots from Blue Blood Doll on eBay. The sneakers I bought from I believe Alice Collection's.
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    12. Ooh, shoes are a hard one for me too! Each pair of shoes Victor has are from a different company and they were more lucky exceptions than the rule, I think. But I've found shoes at Dollmore, Volks, Freedom Teller, and Rrabit for some possible ideas. I just check all the measurements obsessively whenever I try to find him shoes. :sweat
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    13. So I finished my layaway with BJDivas last month, and today I got an email saying that my Venitu has shipped. I wasn't expecting so soon! This is my first 70cm doll, so it'll be interesting to see how he stacks up next to my other dolls, especially since most of my collection is vinyl.
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    14. @Gab_Is_Dumb - Oh congratulations! That was fast. He's a big guy, but I'm sure you'll love him. :)
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    15. Congrats @Gab_Is_Dumb I love my boys. I have seen photos of these guys with the Volks vinyl dolls and Smart Dolls and they look fine.
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    17. @Nexus Not sure if you're still in need but i can check compatibility with IOS Class80 body for you, i have also IOS Class70 if you could find interesting the compatibility.
      Main issue with 5th Motif heads is neck hole which is very deep and shaped like human skull, more less something that you could find on action figure 1/6 scale heads, so isn't just a matters of proportions and head size, like head circumference, but mainly of how much space there's in neck hole, not sure if make sense :sweat
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    18. @animemom - They look fantastic together! :D
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