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90cm dolls - opinions on the size? Too big?

Jun 12, 2009

    1. ooo, so i was wondering has anyone purchased on of these dolls..
      these are the biggest BJD I've heard of (don't hesitate to correct me if i'm wrong lol)
      I'd be slightly worried about re-stringing for them because usually you can only get strings for SD dollfies, and it might end up being a little tight for these 90cms..
      Perhaps I am wrong though.!

      So please, if anyone has one of these dolls, tell me what they are like.? are they harder to manage than the 60cm *_*

      AOD don't make clothes on their website to sell so all clothes would have to be made for these dolls, unless there are dols from different companies out there with a similar size?
    2. I have never come across a 90cm doll... that's got to be around 3 or 4 feet tall, just a 56cm is about a foot and a half...
    3. I adore my Bo, I've found for clothing things made for larger stuffed animals/bears (like in the doll/plush sections at craft stores) work well, I've gotten several pairs of shorts, just have to remember to sew the slit for the tail shut! :) They do take a bit of getting used to, but they're absolutely wonderful.
    4. Well, I do not own one but I personally do not like the 90cm dolls... xx
      Sure, they're VERY impressive.
      But they obviously would scare the shit out of me, since I have a height of about 160cm and the doll would constantly stare at my bust when I'd stand him or her up, lol. XD
      No, I'd never buy a 90cm doll. *_*

    5. I have 2 90cm (Bo and Primo) and I love them to death! They're not practical for meetups or anything like that, but I've found that some strangely-small kids' toys make fun props for them (a tiny prop DS and a Superman backpack for example), and they can wear toddler-sized shoes. I keep meaning to get a pair Chuck Taylors for one of them, and tiny Doc Martens for the other. ^_^ My main intention is to do paired cosplays with them - right now I'm planning Togainu no Chi (Akira/Shiki) and FFVII (Vincent and.... can't decide if it should be Cloud or Cid, heh).
    6. I saw one at a convention. They are fantastic! Great detail. Emailed and asked them if they had plans to do a girl that size....sadly, they said no. If there was a female that size I would soooo buy one! I am just not into the boy BJDs that much, had some, didn't "bond" with them, and sold them! I would love to sew clothes for a 90cm girl!
    7. Where the heck do you find a 90 cm doll. I've looked but I keep coming up with 75cm max.
    8. Merged your question with a thread about the only 90cm dolls you'll find on DoA. Everything else is 80cm and down.
    9. SkunkMight, I ordered both of mine directly from AoD:


      JunkySpot carried them briefly, but apparently he had some problems with his batch and discontinued them. I don't know off-hand of any other US-based suppliers who carry them. (I got mine during AoD free shipping promotions, because the shipping from China for a doll that size is some 60-odd bucks USD.)
    10. SkunkMight- I ordered my Primo from happyhouse, but I think if I ordered another one I would order directly from angelofdream. I love my 90cm boy! He is huge, but I just adore him! I really, really, really wish they would do a girl in this range though.
    11. OMG, another 90cm owner, and in the Bay Area, even! :D

      Whenever I'm at a department store, I find myself casing the toddler shoes looking for something for mine to wear... but it gets awkward if the clerk is chatty and asks me about my "little boy". :sweat
    12. I have not seen one of the 90cm BJDs, but I would really like to. I wonder why there has not been a girl. Generally, girls sell better than boys.
    13. Interesting... in my personal experience boy dolls seem to outnumber girl dolls by a big margin. I try to make my clothes unisex, but the majority of my buyers are looking for boy-clothes. Maybe it's a demographics thing... after all, I'm in the SF bay area and one of the shows I vend at is Yaoi-Con. ;) It might be different in other areas.
    14. No, I wouldn't say girls sell better than boys in the ABJD hobby. I'd say it's either 50/50 or slightly slanted towards boys. Especially when we are talking about the biggest dolls.

      The first 65cm dolls were boys, the first 70cm dolls were boys, the first 80cm dolls were boys... you get the idea. So many people try to keep their dolls in relative scale within their group and they usually expect the tallest doll to be the "big guy". ;)
    15. I have to agree with that observation. I think large boys come first, then girls. I have been looking for a girl to go with my 90 cm boy, and I think the closest so far would be dollmore's lusion. I think she's the biggest, and it seems to be taking much longer for there to be a lot of large girls!

      @ plasticaobscura- yay more bay area doll lovers! I do know what you mean, I just tend to downplay it as a gift for a friend. Luckily I do have a few friends with toddlers so its not too far fetched! I really do need to spend more time on my poor boy, he's been a bit neglected as of late, perhaps making him a new sweater would make him happy :)
    16. Someday I'll own an AOD Bo made up to look like Marilyn Manson. ;D
    17. I would lke a 90cm doll.But I don't have a character for one. And I would like to see how big they are next to a real person and other dolls.
    18. Santinian: OMG if you ever did that, I would beg you to let me do the faceup. :D Unless, of course, you wanted to do it yourself! ;)

      I'm not even a huge Manson fan, I just love doing crazy faceups and I love 90cm!