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A Warning about dealing with ChriseeV

Aug 27, 2007

    1. On July 28th, I PM'ed ChriseeV about a Luts Type I boy body she had listed for sale. She PM'ed me right back and said he was mine for a total of $385.00 (included shipping). I immediately signed on to Paypal and sent her full payment via instant account withdrawal.
      I didn't hear anything from her, so the next day I checked to be sure she received the payment. She said yes, and that she would ship the body on Monday July 31.
      Days went by, and on August 10, I PM'ed her to say I hadn't received the body and was getting quite worried. Five minutes later she PM'ed me back to say that a death in the family had caused her to be "out of it," and she would ship the body on August 13th. However, I discovered in this thread
      that from the time I paid her until I got that Aug. 10th PM, she was merrily chatting about a meetup she was organizing and hosting in Boston on Aug.12th. Here's a picture thread for that meetup:

      I found no evidence there of any reason not to ship something that had been paid for two weeks earlier.
      Still no Luts body by August 17, so I began to get really alarmed ($385 is a LOT of money to get nothing in return) and started trying to find out what was going on. Over the next four or five days, I sent several emails and four PM's on DOA that are still unopened and unread to this day. I don't have any way to know if she read my emails. However, all this time, I was able to see that she was logging onto DOA daily and posting, too.
      On the evening of Aug. 21, I told her in two emails and a PM that if I didn't hear anything from her about what was going on by the next night (Wednesday,Aug. 22), I would have to start taking action.
      No reply, so on August 23rd, I opened a dispute with Paypal about the transaction with Chrisee.
      The next day, on August 24th, I received the Luts body, and I never heard a word from Chrisee about any of this.
      Yes, I finally have the Luts body, but it was a frustrating and miserable experience. I had to prod and prod her to get it weeks after she was originally supposed to send it . And it's amazing to me that it arrived undamaged, it was one of the most poorly packed things I've ever seen, and unbelievable for something this valuable.

      Scrunched up and crammed in a small box with way too little protection:



      His feet were right up against the cardboard side:


      Yes, I have my item, but I feel it's my duty to give fair warning to anyone dealing with ChriseeV. Just as I pay for things I purchase on DOA right away, I expect people to ship my items when they say they will (and in a reasonable time frame) and to not ignore all communication from me and leave me in the dark, and give no explanation for any of it.
    2. I also had problems with ChriseeV and had left a comment on her feedback thread (post#4). The details are in the thread below.

      The issue had been resolved. However, it took a lot of effort to get things straightened out, communication was poor (it seemed as if she was avoiding me as well), and she does not send things when she says she would.
    3. glad that u got ur body at least though
    4. I am having a "small" problem with her too.
      She posted that she's getting an FCS doll and that she didn't need the eyes or wig. On 10/5 I paid her half the price for the eyes, as she'd requested and never heard from her again. I have since sent her several PMs asking about the status of her FCS, etc, but got no reply. I was thinking maybe she hasn't been on for the past few weeks, but then I checked her posts in her profile and like Fairlight said, she'd been merrily chatting several times a day about meetups in Boston. By this time I was so uncomfortable being in this deal, that I PMed her again and told her that I am pulling out and that she needs to refund me my money. And of course I got no reply. So I filed a dispute with Paypal and she didn't reply to that either, so I escalated it to a claim. She has until 11/1 to reply, then they automatically refund me my money.

      I am also warning people to beware of dealing with her, since her town of Boston seems to be on another planet and you might never hear from her again!