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Addicted to DoA?

Feb 10, 2010

    1. So, today I realized how much time I spend on this website. I mean, evertime I get on the computer, it is at least minimized. And this got me thinking..How much time do you all spend on Den of Angels? :)

      Just curious. :o

      Also, if there is a better place for this, let me know. :)
    2. Hi, i am Cyberspacegirl and I am a dollaholic.

      And i spend way, way, way to much time on DOA. Especially during nightshifts. Most boring night shift i spend 6 hours non-stop looking at old and archived threads.
    3. oh yes i spend hours and hours here every day..... i love den of angels
    4. I log on everytime I log on the computer. Here's so much to look at!
    5. I spend a lot of time on here too. I love looking at photos of dolls, seeing what's in the MP, picking up tips... just indulging my dolly addiction ^^
    6. The three sites I fritter away my time on: DoA, Dairyland BJD, and flickr. With an occasional game of free cell or zookeeper to break things up.
      But at least I've weaned myself away from eBay--somewhat. :sweat
    7. Yay! So glad to see I am not alone in my 'addiction'!
    8. I spend a ridiculous amount of time here, looking at people's dolls and finding new ones to add to my wishlist. I really should get a life.
    9. Yes, I'm totally addicted to DoA...but I'm not complaining. :)

      I usually just surf the discussion threads and stare at my favorite sculpts or read photostories, or I join in on a lot of the BJD Games most of the time.

      With my home-tutored schedule, I could literally spend all day just surfing DoA at random times, which usually makes my family mad when I am up past 2AM on DoA.

      Luckily it's not the worst thing on the internet to be addicted to....
      And it's not a bad addiction at all. Spending time on DoA, you can make a lot of new friends, human and resin. Also, it makes me pretty happy being on DoA pretty much 24/7, it's the funnest and happiest site I know of! :D
    10. I have no idea, A LOT of time....there's always a doa thread (or three or more)
      open and I have about 3 thousand bookmarks on my browser, mostly of pages
      from here and sites I found through here.

      It's probably best I don't think about it too much, but I do spend
      as much time (maybe more) watching netflix/hulu so.. :sweat
    11. me? addicted to DoA?... noo, what would make you say that? :| i spend basically all day and all night on DoA b/c i love dolls and such. but also because i dont have anything else to do. No license and no car, about to start working again though. so yeah, DoA is really the only thing i can do at the moment.... i seriously need a life though
    12. Me too! I'm on here for at least 3-4 hours a day on average I'd say. And Flickr and Yahoo Japan too. I love looking at dolls. Yep, totally addicted!!
    13. Phew, it's not just me then :)

      And as has been said, it's a relatively harmless addiction compared to what else is on the internet.
    14. Damn, I was wondering when someone else starts this thread, because, being an addict myself, I am officially in denial.
    15. I'm addicted and I don't even have my doll yet! XD
    16. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on DOA. Compulsively checking my thread subscriptions, scanning the marketplace for things I don't need and never buy, and lurking in the critique section... I should put all that time into customizing my dolls instead, I guess.
    17. Hi, my name is Takysa, and I'm addicted to DoA. =^i^= It's been... 5 seconds since my last page view...

      Hehehe yeah, I lurk around here a lot! I love seeing what other people do with their dolls :D
    18. *laughs* He really does! *knows all too well* Then again, so do I! But that's cause of my BF (aka Ageha!) xD
    19. Bwahaha, when I think about it, whenever I post or send a pm, I'm finding myself browsing and doing stuff on DOA till I receive a response lol ><; I have to remind myself not everyone is on when I am, lol but I still just refresh or browse and..lurk :D lol
      Sooo, I'd say I definitely am on DOA at least once a day or every other day for a few hours total that day :3
    20. I'm here all the time. Every time I get on the internet, I come here. If I only had three websites I could go on at all, I would choose DeviantArt, here..and someplace else. That one's hard. But DoA, for sure. I lurk here all the time.
      I do think I'm addicted. I go one every day, just to meet my doll-love quota for the day xD