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Warning Alert: Dolly Paradise - Problem Trader

Jan 2, 2005

    1. We've gotten information that the web shop Dolly Paradise might be a scam operation.



      Contact for this store is Lisa Aguilar

      Known addresses and emails:

      Dolly Paradise
      PO Box 800733
      Balch Springs, TX 75180

      Email: ppsales@eaglette.com

      For more information, please contact Phyllis Peterman: sewfine@rochester.rr.com

      Anyone with more info can PM the moderators here.

      Thank you,

    2. It's official now.

      Dolly Paradise is no longer an authorized distributor for Elf Dolls.

      This is from Do Kyoung (quoted without permission):

    3. Just to clarify, that was a reply I got from Do Kyoung, not Rainman himself. Do Kyoung is the individual eho runs the ElfDoll Korean site, and was the liaison between Rainman and Dolly Paradise.

    4. Thank you, Lia. I didn't know the source of the message. Do I have your permission to post this...?
    5. Aww, Janne, no prob, but thanks for asking--and no permission needed, really, since I posted it publicly to a couple of other lists. I just didn't want the words themselves attributed to Rainman when they were really from Do Kyoung.

    6. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify this, Lia!
    7. I ordered 2 elfs from Lisa on ebay in October. She has been pleading problems on the part of her suppliers, so I have been patient and staying in contact. Now I wonder if I should start checking with ebay about her. I would like to get a refund. Is she really a scam artist? What a shame! If anyone knows, let me know and I'll start with ebay asap!
    8. There's a yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OurMiniatureDollfies/?yguid=169372038 if you'd like to join us there. Many of us there are currently in the process of filing with several state and Federal offices, so if you'd like to join what may ebnd up as a class action suit, please head over and join in the discussion. One way or another, we're going to get back as much of our money as the law will allow.

    9. I would definitely see if you can still get a refund from Paypal or through eBay.

      I do not believe Lisa is a long-term con artist - it's easy enough to get behind in payments, and the temptation to misuse funds at hand might be a strong one in those circumstances.

      We simply don't know what she's done or why. And I wouldn't presume to judge her.

      I'm just passing on info and recommending people with outstanding deals takes steps to have them resolved as soon as possible.
    10. It really is too bad that this would happen. (I have found the doll community to be very honest in the time I have been involved) I was being very nice and understanding with her--I was willing to wait. Apparently we were all doing the same! Well, I think I'll have to contact my credit card company, because Paypal won't deal with the issue, because it is over 30 days old.

      I joined the new miniature group and have been monitoring the process there.

      Thanks for all your help, I will keep checking!
    11. My god..

      I order a doll from her too..and i waited because she was so friendly..>_<

      How is this possble...how can somebody do such a thing..>< and i totally suported her when she said a costumer was threating to destroy her reputation...

      GOSH...why didn't i join this forum sooner ><..

      How am i gonna get me money back since it's totally over 30 days..and I'm also a foreigner!..

    12. More info is posted here:


      I obvoiusly owuldnt trust dolly_paradise anymore, refuns were promised the 12th, and there was one refund and only to one that not refunding would freeze her paypal account.
    13. I have heard that Lisa is finally starting to issue refunds as of today.
    14. I am so sorry that all of this happened.

      I opened the Elf Doll Shop with honest attentions. I planned and begged and shuffled things around to be able to be their distributor. Things went smoothly for a couple of months and I was actually making money. I was so happy. A relative asked to borrow some money and I lent it to him with the promise that it would be paid back when his paycheck came but I got screwed. I began to lie to the group about the delivery times because I was scared to admit how gullable I was.

      My mother was selling her house and she assured me that she would loan me the money to order the dolls when it closed. That was at the end of Oct. Well the house didn't close until the end of Dec.

      I finally did get the loan and am paying people back but the cost of the dolls compared to the price I am paying for refunds is small.

      I am normally a very good person. I am ashamed of myself and my actions but I never intended to hurt anyone. I feel like a rat and have been called every name in the book. I did not steal the money nor did I try to use the money for my own gain. I just screwed up. I have been a member of this community for over a year now and have never had any problems with anyone. I love my dolls and the people with whom I shared my passions.

    15. Dolly_Paradise is no longer a member of Den of Angels.
    16. Hmm did any1 actually got their money back? because I didn't =_+...
    17. You should be able to find out more about this case on Phylis' group. :D
    18. Could it be our old dolly scammer is back?