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Alexis Stanton trying to scam people out of BJDs

Apr 17, 2007

    1. Normally I don't get involved with this sort of thing anymore but I don't want anybody else to get scammed by this person.

      We got a very strange email today from a woman with a huge sob story about how her husband died in 9/11, they lost their home and that her daughter took it so hard that she'd only talk to her Heath doll. Well, apparently this Heath was stolen in a park and she was asking us for a free Jace. Of course this sends up the red flags because who would REALLY have the gall to ask for a free $800 doll? Even if you have no money, and you are an honest mom trying to help your kid you'd just put it on layaway.

      I looked up her last name, Stanton, and there was no men killed at the World Trade Center with that last name. Sure, she could have changed names or remarried but then I found this about Ms. Alexis Stanton -



      “Nusbaum, whose aliases include Alexis Sinclair, Alexis Stanton, Mary Anderson, Jill Gabriel and Nancy Keegan has claimed to be a composer, federal drug agent, talent scout, political prisoner and model from South Africa, Princeton University scholar and a jet setter who hobnobbed with entertainers.” 7/31/94 “Tall Tales May Land Theft-By-Deception Suspect In Jail” by Robin Gaby

      So if you get an email from Alexis Stanton, lxix@myself.com, she's really a scam artist. I really hate it when people think that the world owes them. I hate it even more when people lie and try to benefit off of other people's tragedy.
    2. Here are the emails from her. She supplied her mailing address to show she was serious and ready for hand outs. Seeing the history of this woman I'm pretty certian that she just wanted freebies to sell. Here is an even more informative source about this known scam artist.

      Here are the emails she sent out to us. I've warned other stores that sell BJDs and I wanted to let people know about this here, too. I'm just afraid this crazy is going to take advantage of somebody's kindness.

      Posted by lxix@myself.com

      My name is Alexis Stanton. I live in
      Pennsylvania, USA.

      On September 11th, 2001, my daughter and I lost
      our home, and my husband in the World Trade
      Center attack. Not only did we lose a husband and
      father, and best friend, we lost our security,
      our peace of mind, and our trust.

      My daughter was especially affected by my
      husband's death. She stopped talking completely.
      For almost two years she was silent. Never said
      one word. Then I bought her a BJD named Heath.

      She started to talk in little whispers to him.
      Shestarted to open up again. Confide in him. She
      was in therapy for a almost a full year before
      she said anything. Her psychiatrist was able to
      start communicating with her through Heath. He
      would talk to my daughter, and she would respond
      to Heath, telling him how she felt. We made
      amazing progress. Anytime we needed to talk to
      her, she would only speak to Heath, but we could
      at least hear what she had to say.

      Recently, my daughter lost Heath. She put him
      down for a minute at the park when our dog got
      loose from his leash and when she got back, Heath
      was gone.

      She is absolutely devistated. We no longer have
      anything for her to talk to, therefor we can't
      communicate with her at all.

      I am writing to you as a desperate mother who is
      trying to put the pieces of our lives back
      together after a terrible ordeal and save her
      daughter from a life of mental illness.

      I cannot afford to purchase another BDJ. I am
      begging you to please donate Jace 60cm to my little girl. I hope that any of you can find it in your hearts to
      help a desperate mother who simply can't afford
      to purchase a doll.

      Please feel free to write me back at this email.

      Thank you so much,

      Alexis Stanton

      And here is what she wrote later:

      I just wrote you about my daughter and trying to get a doll for her and I specified Jace. I just saw how much he is. I am so sorry to sound so greedy as to ask for your most expensive doll. I had no idea that he was so pricey.

      I amend my first email to you in asking that you donate any 60cm male doll. Red seems to have the same face as her old one, and at this point, any male doll will do.

      I'm so sorry to sound so greedy and selfish.

      Thank you,

      Alexis Stanton

      And the last email:

      begging you to please donate a larger 60cm male doll to my little girl. I hope that any of you can find it in your hearts to

      help a desperate mother who simply can't afford
      to purchase a doll.
    3. O_O

      Wow- what a cheek!
    4. if she is so well known, why can't the FBI find her..?
    5. Heath wasn't released until May 2005. If the kid didn't speak from September 2001 until some time after May 2005 ... that's a lot longer than 2 years.

      Somebody should really xpost this to bad_dolly_deals before she hits the Blythe community.
    6. I've posted about this on bad_dollie_deals along with a post about Jesper/Stardust. Hope it's not a problem that I linked to this thread for more info, as I don't know enough about the situation...
    7. I'm curious to know what the time-frame was for those eMails. How long did she wait in between sending them?
    8. People like this really make me want to ... argh. Better take a deep breath before I launch into profanities. THANK YOU for sharing this with us!
    9. What a twisted woman. I despise it when people use the emotions of others who actually care about things such as mentally distraut children and 9/11 victims to try and scam others. Such people must feel nothing. Thanks so much for sharing this--I know I'll be keeping an eye out for her.
    10. She pretty much sent them one right after the other.

      Catdancer- She has been caught before but since she hasn't actually killed anybody she will get off pretty easy. ID fraud and fraud gets off far too easily. I'm no expert on the subject but whether she is well known or not, it's not right for her to do this to anybody.

      SpottyJane - That is a very good piece of information! Thank you for sharing that. It makes her story even more rediculous. If people want to repost this information anywhere that is a good idea. If she's willing to do this to us than she'll do it to other people.
    11. This needs to be reported to the authorities, isn't online fraud handled by the postal inspector? Maybe they won't go easy on her knowing she is a repeat offender.

      I think a lot of the problem is in the past people are so embarassed after being had that its not properly reported or charges aren't pressed.
    12. We should find some pics of a great doll and send them to her, asking if that one would be fine.

      When she agrees, get her address and report her to the FBI. See if there's any way you can work something up. Get a dollar store Ken doll, put it in a huge box with like 7lbs worth of rocks. Tell her you only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses and you need a $1 payment from her to confirm her addy.

      Make sure you send it with delivery confirmation or something and have the FBI deliver it. lol
    13. Things like this make me pray for swift acts of karma. What a sleaze.

    14. I think it would probably be a good idea to do not quite this, but definately get her address and a paypal confirmed address.

      Then forward it to the feds.
    15. just read this thread, this is horrible!! not only did she metion a doll that did not exist at the time, but she is a cheat and a lair! i wonder if anyone fell for it?
    16. Wow! This woman has nerve. She must think people are really dumb to fall for this kind of cr*p!

      As far as I know, famlies of 9/11 victims received a lot money from donations, the government, etc.

      Karma will catch up with her sooner or later.
    17. Friends,

      Please be aware of a con artist going by the names: Alexis, Lux, Jade, SisterFiasco, Aglaia and many other aliases.

      Most recently it was reported she was caught pretending to be a wife to a 9-11 victim and was seeking dolls to be donated from members in this forum for a daughter she does not have.

      Her treachery and abitility to further cause you harm go far beyond scamming dolls.

      More on Alexis can be found at this forum site:


      Be careful out there!

    18. The 9/11 families received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government and private charities! They are also well set up with support groups and medical services. If any American families truly needs help, it would be the Hurricaine Katrina victims, and I beleive they all would rather have a safe dry home than a doll.
    19. i hate scammers..
      and what i really hate is when thay actually get away with it and thairs really nice enough people that really do help them out because thayre really trying to help out of the kindness of thayre heart
      and it really sucks when people that really want a doll and are going through things and cant aford it cant be helped because jerk scammers are screwing people over and making people not want to help anyone =(
    20. Hm. Reading that email, it just sounds like a load of bunk to me. The story this woman is telling comes across as being utterly ridiculous and not at all believable. Honestly, I couldn't imagine any good businessperson actually falling for it in the first place. *shrugs*