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Negative Feedback All About my BAD experience I'm having with X_KAZAKAI_X the novel-Kaza, send my head!

Feb 27, 2007

    1. As much as I do not like starting threads like this because I believe in trying to work problems out privately and professionally, but this issue has gotten to be more then I care to deal with and to the point that it needs to be spoken about.

      I will start from the beginning. Within the first few months of belonging to DOA, I befriended a user, X_Kazakai_X. Kaza was extremely nice and we hit it off as friends right away! He asked me for a commission (actually my first one of the forums), and I made it up for him and mailed it out. Kaza exclaimed he was very happy with it and I didn’t hear much about it for a while. A few months later we begin chatting on AIM, and he brings up this old commission stating that none of it fits his doll properly and I “owe” him new clothes for his dolls. I told him that if he was not happy with it, I would be more then happy to take the items back and refund him the money if he had told me in the first place (those of you who have worked with me before and anything like this has happened, you know how flexible and easy I am to work with when it comes to this kind of thing). Because I was upset that he was not happy, I agreed to make him a free pink & black Mohawk hoodie, and I even sent him a pair of SD13 black boots (I bought them and they ended up not fitting any of my dolls) out of the goodness of my heart.

      After he gets the hoodie and the boots he tells me how fabulous my items are and that he wants more. Because we are friends, I offer to make him a few pieces in my SPARE TIME (clearly stated may times that I am busy with commissions, and I will make the items when I have more free time, but I did not know when that would be) for his boys. He insisted on sending me ‘what he had’ in paypal ($15) to me. I told him there was no need to send me money, but he insisted and sent it anyway.

      Mid-December: K-doll is running their last batch of Kamyu heads. I have been hoping for one of these heads, and so has Kaza. He IMs me on AIM and tells me how it’s the last day to purchase them from the website, and how he does not have the money and is really upset (I was planning on ordering my head after I found this out). Because I feel bad. I offer to pay for both of Kamyu heads, so long as he pays me back for his. He contacts someone he knows on DOA to order them:

      I paypal the money to the owner of K-doll:

      ...and after telling Kaza that I want the heads shipped to my house since I was fronting the money (I should just hold k-doll responcible for not shipping to the CONFIRMED ADDRESS ON PAYPAL), he emails “Moris” (I do not know their DOA name, as he just FWD’d me the above message) and tells her to ship them to him. I’m slightly upset about this, but I am happy that I’m going to be getting my head. I would like to make a note that Kaza did partially pay me for the head (I told him not to worry about the rest of the money, which was aprox another $20 or so..):

    2. Kaza IM’d me sometime around the first week in January and told me that the heads had come in. I told him I wanted my head shipped, but he insisted on giving my Kamyu a free face-up, and it would be shipped out the second week of January.

      After numerous times asking when my head was going to be shipped, the answer was always either “tomorrow”, or “when its not so cold, I have to walk to the post office”. It is now February 26, and I still do NOT have my Kamyu head. Because of some financial problems, I was planning on selling my Kamyu to another DOA user (which I still havn’t received the payment for), and apparently Kaza and this person see each other at meets. My original plan was to have Kaza hand off the head once I got the payment.

      This morning I went to check my PMs before my class and I had a PM from Kaza. Here are the PMs (in order) that we have exchanged (Kinda mixed up in the PMs.. You know how crazy PMs can get - I'm sure you can figure it all out. The very middle is where you start!!):

      So basically, you can see for yourself where the rest of this is going without me explaining it. My hopes for this thread is to get my head and end my communication with Kaza. I would like to note that I have refunded the $15 thru paypal for the “commission” that was stated earlier, and upon receiving the head, I will happy reimburse for the shipping and handling expense. I've talked this all over with one of the Mods (whom I'd like to thank for helping me out). I would just like this resolved... now.
    3. Kazakai's Marketplace privs have been suspended until she has resolved her outstanding transactions. She will only have access to the Feedback forum.
    4. I'm not trying to get involved where I shouldn't but, I was asked by Kaza to post this for him as his side of the story:

      He's taking a break from his computer for stress related reasons and that is why he could not post on his own.
      (I am just posting what I was told, word for word. I can't say anything further than that and am not going to get involved beyond that.)
    5. http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120602

      A break? Certainly not before posting a new Yo and responding to compliments! And I'm wondering if the "stress related reasons" are none other than a buildup of guilt from transactions gone sour, like this one.

      Good luck Becca, I hope this turns out alright for you! I know x_kazakai_x has been involved in stuff like this before, and I hope she fixes things soon.
    6. The Yo brings up a very important point- Kaz said that she had no money to ship Becca's head with, but she was able to afford a new Yo-SD for herself?

    7. Do you have all your receipts? You could get her on fraud and theft if she doesn't send your head soon. Especially for changing addresses on you. That is criminal, and you can press charges for it. You can also sue. All you need are the emails, and the receipts.
    8. This is a reminder that if you are not directly involved in the transaction, then please do not post additional commentary as it will be deleted.

      Thank you.
    9. Just wanted to give Becca a reminder that your address is in the 2nd post, and you might not want to leave it there...
    10. Thanks Hisaki ^-^

      I was just all riled up yesterday about this. Thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it.

      DieCG - Yes, I have the refund recipts and everything. If it doesnt get resolved soon, legal may have to be my next move. I hope it doesnt have to get to that tho.

      This whole "handing off the head thing" was only recently because he DIDNT ship the head to me (recently as in.. maybe 2 weeks ago TOPS). I figured if he was going to see this girl in person and since they both said they knew each other it could just be handed off. I no longer want to do it that way, I just want it in my posession.

      edit: "asked becca over aim what she wanted done to her kamyu, she kept changhing her mind so i waiting patiently adn worked on what i could while trying to figure out what she wanted. one i got him painted she wanted him modded, then changed her mind a few times about it...in the end she decided against it, that took a few weeks mind you..."

      This is not true. I told him I just wanted it sent to me, but he insisted on painting it. We had discussed a possible mod during the waiting time while it was being shipped, but I had made up my mind I didnt want him modded by the time he got to Kaza. I can't find the thread that was started for Kaza's Face-ups, but he had pictures posted of my head around the 2nd week of January, proving that it was done (I will update this topic later with the pictures)

      "i asked her to pay me for shipping by the form of a money order or cash in an envelope or something because i have NO Money on hand...(i dont have a job anymore)"

      this is really neither here nor there, but Kaza never asked me to send cash or a MO. He kept telling me that he just couldnt make it to the post office for one reason or another. Never asked me to cover the s&h. And like you guys mentioned before -- plenty of money to buy new dolls, but note a spare $5 to ship me my head for 6 weeks? I had been NOTHING BUT NICE about this whole situation for 2 months, but when someone starts demanding things from you.. well, I'm sure you understand.

      But as I said before, once I actaully get him, I'll gladly send what it cost to get here. And you guys dont even WANT to know how many times I've sent my address to Kaza... he even has it nurmerous times in PAYPAL.

    11. Becca: Kaza also has my Homme Kirill. When I first agreed to use Kaza to give my Corbin a makeover everything seemed good, reasonable prices and a very chatty guy. Said after I get it it'll take a week and then I'll ship him home. Then after two weeks without any updates he finally gets me pictures, runs out of testors, so i ship him my bottle of msc i bought, he gets it, likes it, but then the two sprays battled to the death and the paint lost... so he redid him in two nights took more pictures, the second go around ended up better than the first to begin with so that I don't care. He's supposed to have mailed Corbin yesterday, but his lack of communication in the past few days makes me wonder if he held his end of the bargain...
    12. and mine, at least on my end... he does great work, but his lack of communication is what concerns me... and his mother never cashed the check i sent for the return fee.
    13. no of course not.

      Well it seems, as I just got IMed by Kaza on MSN that Corbin was shipped yesterday, so if he's not here by this weekend, I'll be throwing a fit to the post, and to Kaza until i get my boy back.

      Becca: thanks, I hope you get your head soon.
    14. I wonder if that means Kamyu was shipped today too? I sure hope theres tracking... did you get a tracking number?
    15. claims he didn't get a tracking number...

      and i'll ask him on the head, he's on BRB but he was talking to me so hopefully he comes back. :sweat
    16. Ok, I think I'll go ahead and get my money back...I am glad I haven't shipped my heads off to him yet!
    17. hahah good luck with that...

      Becca: nope no head... Kaza ran off when I asked him... :...( got all fussy... I don't understand what the problem is... sweet kid, just not very business minded.
    18. Once again.. Do not post to this thread unless you have new information or updates to add.

      While I understand that you are angry with Kazaki for the transaction, we will not allow this to turn into a "let's bash her while we wait for our stuff" thread, so please keep the excess conversation out of it and stick to the facts, please.

      If further posts like this continue or if more people who are not involved in any transactions with Kazaki at all post here. this thread will be locked and Kazaki and Becca will need to PM a mod when they need to add new information.
    19. As an FYI, I did have success getting my missing head back from Vanillashine when I filed a police report -- you'd have a strong case, given that Kazakai re-routed the shipping address without your permission, and has kept the head despite repeated requests that it be sent to you.

      Please contact me via PM if you have questions about the police report process.

      As Hitasura said, however, please don't add to this thread unless you are actually a participant in a transaction with Kazakai.


      -- Andi