All I'm waiting for...

Jul 19, 2018

    1. [​IMG]all I’m waiting for... by mare joy smith, on Flickr

      Somewhere on DOA I stated that part of my new years resolution was to buy no new dolls this year... I fudged this at first by buying just a head...or two... and then joined in a Doll Chateau event with the Vanessa gift doll and ending (SO FAR!) with Fairyland Altis...

      Aunt Cloud (Fairyland Luna) is especially looking forward to this faun boy. I expect his legs will be as beautiful as hers.

      I really do love having dolls that I am waiting for, I am not sure I will ever try to make that particular resolution ever again.
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    2. I have learned that this type of resolution never works. My plan this year was to sell off about five dolls, and I managed to do that, but I also brought home four and a head, so I'm almost back where I started! Seems like my collection tends to stay right around 18-20 dolls, any other plans are destroyed. Welcome to the struggle!
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    3. Yes, the struggle is real!
      This year was the year of no new dolls as I have enough. Then, I went crazy and bought three! I could quit collecting today, only if the companies don’t release any dolls that are my aesthetic. That’s what gets me every time, sigh. Just don’t look they say, but how can you not? :sneaky
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    4. This is soo cool :aeyepop::aeyepop: my name is Vanessa :o

      I had something similar, I started to look for a dollzone b45-017 and now I bought two b45-012 and one b45-017 and now I'm waiting for them :XD::XD:
      And I managed to get one doll sold.:XD:
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    5. I had no plans for new dolls this year but "BOOM!" Granado did the crowdfunding to make Lucifer in smaller sizes and all hope for that was lost.
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    6. I always start each year with a plan to get real about my numbers, and not bring to many new dolls in especially ones I have to order and wait for. So how did that work out for 2018?

      On top of the three dolls I had ordered back in 2017 I am still waiting for, I ordered five from Dollshe, two from Fifth Motif, three from Dollstown, one from Granado, one from Black Cherry and one from Black Box. At least the three from Dollstown arrived and the Granado should arrive next week. The others I will be lucky if they are here by Christmas. So yeah so much for keeping numbers down.
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    7. I see then that I am in good company!
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    8. It seems that every year I make myself a promise of NOT buying more new dolls and instead try to focus and spoil the ones I already got... 2018 started out great as I sold my 2 floating heads, but then things went a bit pear shaped and I ordered a Maskcat MSD girl (arrived) and a LoongSoul YO-SD boy and an AIL SD head (waiting for those to arrive) :?

      Anyways, I'm going to be good now and NOT bring home more dolls in 2018...ahem :roll: With that said, yes- it is soooo lovely and sooooo exciting to get a new doll and to make plans for those new dolls :3
    9. The faun boy is amazing, I was looking at him yesterday. Vanessa is very cute too.
      I also think I’m not going to make any more hard ‘resolutions’ regarding buying, but instead focus on what I DO with my existing ones and my community interactions both online and locally.

      I’ve also decided that I’ll never really know which ones I want to let go (if any) until I develop some of them more fully. Packing them away for a while to see if I miss them has not worked because when I get them back out I really like them all over again even if I did not ‘miss’ them! Rats!
      My problem (or at least one of them) is that I love the pure potential existing in a blank doll. So I delay painting them. And styling them.

      Maybe if I have a big blank doll photo shoot, I’ll come to my senses...
      ...but sometimes the collection wants what the collection wants.
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    10. After returning to the hobby 2 months ago(... Wait no its not even been two months maybe 1, 5 month...) I promised myself not to buy any dolls this year but first finish the ones I had. Needless to say a week later I bought two miracledoll heads(one being the same Baiye head your waiting for haha) . Then an islandoll head for my fairyland body project. And last week a secondhand llt Neil head and a souldoll spider Junia. I'm trying to say to myself that this is a result of years not being in the hobby and I will be able to contain myself in the future (a little). In my defense they weren't impulse buys and all doll I really wanted..
      Bjd company's have just been producing such lovely sculpts lately. That fairyland fun being also a huge temptation...
    11. I know myself and my scripted doll buying plans well enough to know that "No dolls" doesn't work. I have a master list of dolls I want for OCs to shell and if I get the opportunity to buy one of those dolls outside of my planned savings period, then I take it. But I want to also be more focused on saving for the future (not the doll future either). Right now I'm waiting to pay off my layaways and waiting for a head that's in the post.
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    12. Yeah, I have too many dolls. Actually my wife and I both
      have too many dolls. We're at an age where we "ought"
      to be downsizing, not acquiring but Carol got three more
      for her recent birthday. (She doesn't collect BJDs, that's my
      thing.) and I'm waiting for my next doll to be released and
      I have a new head at a face up artist and.... Anyway, every
      now and again I decide to sell a few but when I look at them
      they all remind me that I bought them deliberately and
      they still have that appeal so...
    13. I meant to not buy any new dolls until the existing group is finished. I did manage to sell the one that absolutely did not fit with the others and I no longer liked, but Granado's crowd funding event was impossible to resist. They should be sending him any day now... As part of my goal to finish my dolls, I finally ordered some more eyes. The impulse-buy misfit currently caught in keep/sell limbo is bugging me. :roll:
    14. I love the smile on that Baiye head. I forgot to mention that I pre-ordered a boy body from Dream Valley to be Baiye's body. I want to remember you in order to see what each of us does with this. I believe it was seeing someone's here on DOA that inspired my purchase, but I have forgotten who.

      And wondrously, Denver Doll has just shipped Altis, so I waited just a bit over a month for him, part of the restart of Fairyland I guess.
    15. Yup that smile won me over. First planned on buying Jing only, but could not ignore the cheeky face of Baiye and in the end fell for it. Planning to make a witch out of the sculpt, no body yet in mind first want to know if it wouldn't look to weird in a female body.
      Did you go for the body with the third arm? I personally have been eyeballing that for a while to.
      Anyway gratis on the shipping notice of Denver doll.
      Would also love to follow your Baiye progress so I'll be following your account on here ^^
    16. no, I ordered just a regular boy body, ... just got notice that baiye head has shipped! ordered it in early May through Alice's collection. Jing is amazing. What fun we shall have!