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Resolved AllyCSPro, bought a doll from her, no doll, no communication - RESOLVED

Aug 22, 2011

    1. Hello.
      I hate to be using this thread on my very first market place transaction, but I have really no choice, as AllyCSPro has a full inbox and I cannot even PM her any more. So here are the facts:

      I contacted AllyCSPro on 8-4 initially about buying her DZ Mo, which she offered for sale. I didn't yet have positive feedback, so I gave her my Etsy and my Swapbot info, where I've traded over 150 times, sending and recieving, with 100% positive feedback. She agreed to sell to me. She had all positive feedback.

      She initially wanted me to send the $190 she asked on Paypal as a gift, to avoid any fees, but I don't feel comfortable doing that, so I volunteered to pay $195 for the doll to cover her seller fees to have an invoice sent instead. She did that, and I paid the $195 immediately upon my reciept of the invoice, on the 11th of August. Then I next heard from her on the 16th of August to say that the money had come through and she got it. AllyCSPro promised me that she would ship the doll no later than the 20th, Saturday and I reminded her to send me the tracking number.

      I did not hear anything Saturday morning, so I PM'd her on Saturday evening to ask her for the tracking number. She did not respond. I PM'd her again on Sunday, the 21st, but no response. I PM'd her again this morning, but no response. Now I'm getting a message that her inbox is full and will not accept PMs. She has other dolls now for sale in the marketplace as well. She still logs on every day at least once since the sale.

      I posted in the "ask a moderator" forum" and was advised to start a paging thread if AllyCSPro would not communicate with me.

      I will close and consider the matter settled positively if I recieve the doll or, if she cannot send the doll, a refund of the $195 in a timely manner. I apologize for having to use the thread on my first transaction. I feel like it makes me look bad.

    2. AllyCSPro was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. OK, this is already resolved! When I came home today, Mo was waiting for me! So chalk it up to newbie nerves! I'm sure that Ally didn't see my messages as her inbox is full. Mo is in great condition and a lovely doll. Please rescind the page and close the thread! Thanks and sorry to Ally!