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Warning Anatom_dukke/Baser/StarDustDK/DollBoy/Bambi/Dremmel/JesperC.Petersen Warning!Scammer!

Apr 19, 2007

    1. This is a warning to all of you who have had or are planning transactions with Anatom_dukke/Baser/StarDustDK/DollBoy/Jesper C. Petersen.

      He has been banned from this forum twice, and also from the Danish forum Resin Garden where he was known as StarDust and the guest Fangirl.

      He has been scamming several people both on RG, DoD and here on DoA.

      Xandorram is now in the process of compiling a case against Anatom_dukke/Baser/StarDustDK/DollBoy/Jesper C. Petersen that is going to be submitted to the police in Denmark.

      if you have any information about or have been scammed by Anatom_dukke/Baser/StarDustDK/DollBoy/Jesper C. Petersen please contact Xandorram.

      These are all the email addresses that he has been known to use:

      jcp_dk@hotmail.com and hagrid75@hotmail.com both have PayPal accounts attached to them, under the name Jesper Petersen.

      He is using this PhotoBucket account when posting pictures: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r69/StarDustDK/

      MSN: jcp_dk@hotmail.com

      Real name: Jesper C. Petersen
      Birthday: 7th of may 1984
      Gender: Male
      Location: Århus - in a part of town called Hasle, but comes from Nørrebro in Copenhagen
      Address: Snogebæksvej 25,16, Århus v 8210, Denmark
      Does: Studies Design, with main course in historical womens fashion

      I hope this information helps make him easier to spot, and as previously stated: if you have any information about or have been scammed by Anatom_dukke/Baser/StarDustDK/DollBoy/Jesper C. Petersen please contact Xandorram.
    2. he is also in junkyspot with the name "Dremmel"
    3. now banned on JS
    4. It looks like there is a photo of him on the last page of his photobucket account. I would assume that is him taking a self portrait.
    5. Darn.. I live not too far away from him (some 10-15 minutes)... Anyone wants me to....uhm no that'll probably be illegal..

      Anyway.. anyone being scammed by this vermin.. I CAN go knock on his door in person, if needed!
    6. Was any legal action ever taken against this person?
    7. Let me check with the danish doll forum.. This was before I joined so I don't know for sure...
    8. old but i want to say that he was on Dolly Market under this name and scammed quite a few in the Pullip community. He contacted me through a PM trying to "sell" me some stuff.
    9. I think he is back up on Dolly Market under the name LindaDK.
      The post the user made are VERY similar to the ones made by "Dremmel" on the same forum.
    10. Thanks for the Heads Up. I'll notify the Danish forum, in case he pops up there again as well..
    11. NO!!!

      LindaDK is NOT that guy! Linda is my best friend selling her taeyangs so please delete that!!!!
    12. Just because the sales thread looks like the same it is NOT!
    13. I would think that your friend can defend herself? It's pretty simple, she can just post a photo of herself with a doll she's selling, and maybe a note with her username on it. Then she's cleared.
      It is a very serious topic, so if she is innocent, I should think she would do anything to clear her name.

      Oh, and if she isn't a member on DoA, it's free to become a member, or, you can just post the photo for her...

      Just my two cents.
    14. Just read my comment again, it sounds a bit mean, that was not my intention. Sorry.
    15. eeeeeeeeeehm, i couldnt defend myself since i wasnt online o_O

      I understand you people are SO quick to accuse danish people, but you should really get everyone to post pictures. Fo reals ~~

      i will post a picture with my name if people are still in doubt o_O
    16. Linda.. Noone is accusing Danish people as a group.

      You can't blaim people for being vary. And the "my camera is broke/cable missing" is exactly the excuses Stardust used in ALL his incarnations. So excuse me for wanting very much to see a pic of you.
    17. listen, its okay to be suspicious, but people could be a little more sweet, instead of just accusing innocent people. If someone had contacted me personally in pm's, i would have replied.


      I dont even have a reason to be on this board, since I am only into pullips, but it does get to my nerves, that no one even concidered contacting me, before accusing me on SEVERAL forums. Danish people isnt native speakers. Threads can easily look like the same. And if they are not accusing danish people as a group, what the hell are they then? they accuse a random girl from denmark. I'll leave it by this. If you still believe i am dremmel, then pffft.
    18. I'm sorry this was even linked to you dear Linda!T T
      I was scammed by this person and your threads didn't remind me of his at all...
      I don't think imhitomi meant bad towards you but it's really frightening that this person might get back in action...>.<;