Angel Region: "Soon as Possible"????

Sep 8, 2007

    1. Has Anyone Heard from Angel Region? :doh

      I'm curious if anyone here has ordered from them recently and what your experience has been like.

      About 2 years ago I ordered Little Fair items from them for my Unoa and I got great, quick service....what you would expect from a company.

      However, my experience with them lately has been anything but pleasant. It's been *frustrating*. I am STILL waiting on a pair of boots I ordered from them back in June. It's the ONLY thing I ordered from them. Now, I can understand waiting on a doll for that long, or if your order is rather large, but if I would've known it would take this long for just a pair of doll boots? Nope....I would've gone to Dollheart. But unfortunately, these boots really grabbed me. They're these ones:

      I thought they would be precious on my Dollstown Seola, Ava. And they aren't cheap! They're only mini size and cost $50. And with shipping at $25, they totalled $75.

      The thing that began all this frustration, was about a month after I ordered them, I emailed them to check on the status since their website doesn't have a
      "My Account" section where you can track the progress of your order. They responded quickly, however it was to tell me that they never confirmed my
      ! Ok...if they never confirmed my payment, why didn't they contact me to let me know? What if I never would've emailed them? My order would be sitting in limbo! They told me they were having problems with paypal and could I send them a copy of my paypal receipt. I not only did that, I also took
      a screen capture of my bank statement showing the money being withdrawn.

      They wrote back and said they would process the order as soon as possible and that they were sorry to keep me waiting. Great, I thought, the ball will get rolling!
      I should have my shipping notice soon, it was just a mistake.
      So I patiently waited...going on ANOTHER month! Still no word...

      By this time I was still partially reeling from the fact they never confirmed my payment for a month in the first place....and I figured they were just I decided it wasn't worth all the hassle & emailed them that I wanted a refund. I got a reply from them saying they would refund my money "soon" (oh geez here we go again) but that 'unfortunately we can only give you a refund with 10% fee off, because we were manufacturing your product. Thank you and have a nice day." EXUSE ME???? Because THEY made the mistake, *I* have to pay??? (also, note that they said they *were manufacturING*.)

      So I wrote them back and said I did not agree to those terms. If I am to get a refund I want a FULL refund. So I told them I would wait for the boots. Again, I asked them "how much longer until these boots are through 'being manufactured'?"

      The reply from them? "We will manufacture them as soon as possible. Thank you."

      WILL??? I thought they were *already* in the process!! OMG I wanted to pull my hair out at that response! I swear, I felt as if these emails were coming from Spock! No timeline, no reaction at all to my frustration...

      That was Aug. 23rd.

      I have since found my way over to another Angel Region site:

      At least that site has a "My Account" section and customer support areas.

      I've joined that site and wrote to them about my order on the 1:1 board on Sept. 4th. I also posted on the customer support board, and emailed them again
      inquiring on my order. I haven't heard anything yet.

      This has got to be the worst experience I've had with a doll company. The communication is very minimal. I'm sure it's the language barrier. It has to be...but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that I'm inquiring about my order. And they've understood enough so far to at least respond....I'm just amazed at the lack of concern on their part that a customer is unhappy. They just seem very removed from the whole thing. It's really infuriating.
    2. Oh dear...I'm sorry to hear that you're having a negative experience with them. It isn't the first time there have been complaints about their service. There's a thread here about problems people had getting their dolls a while back. I hope things work out.
    3. Oh thanks for showing me that...I'm going to link these up...:|
    4. This has been resolved. As of last week...Thursday, I received the boots. This
      was after emailing them again directly, leaving a 1:1 notice and posting to the
      Customer Support board on

      When the boots arrived they were just simply placed in a box covered in tissue.
      There was no invoice or note or anything....guess a free gift is out of the
      question for all my troubles, huh?

      Ordered June 23rd...received Sept. 13th. Wow.