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Any info about Aoi Tuki dolls?

Nov 14, 2005

    1. Hello x3 I'm pretty new, so please tell me if I'm posting this on the wrong board or anything @w@;

      Anyhow, I was browsing Yahoo!Auctions Japan when I saw quite a few of these dolls :3 Because I can only read very basic Japanese, I couldn't find out more about them ._. Has anyone seen any owner pictures of these dolls, or know anything more about them besides being SD/SD13 sized?

      Link: http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n26726585

      I tried searching the boards, but couldn't find any results, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong *_*

    2. This is the auction translated by Nifty:

      * 碧い月 * 月姫 1st trial production original head 011
      * It is a head for original gold "month princesses." There are SD-SD13 girl and compatibility of BOKUSU.
      * It is not the quality like a brand item because of amateur work.
      * There are air bubbles and a crack for a trial product.

      * Color : the color is brought close to the pure skin normal skin of BOKUSU.
      * Size : there are SD-SD13 girl and compatibility of BOKUSU.
      * Material : urethane cast (preparation color)
      * DORUAI : 18mm is the optimal.

      * Makeup
      An airbrush (Mr. color), eyebrows and eyelashes, and a lip are handwriting with pen.
      The lusterless clear UV cut is blown.
      Gloss is attached to eyes and the month.
      Eyelashes are attached with the bond.

      * Yielding is only a head (with made up - eyelashes). Eye WIKKU, clothes, etc. are not contained.
    3. hmm i think they're original heads, created by this person called tsukihime, who's probably the person running the auction. they can be interchanged with volks SD and SD13 girl bodies, and the closest resin match to these heads is the volks pureskin normal colour. 18mm eyes will fit these heads best.

      ok that's what i can make out from 1 semester of basic japanese lessons :oops: hope that helped! (hope i translated correctly also... :lol:)
    4. Thanks, Quiet Queen and Kaorucamui! :D

      Ah x3 I wonder if anyone here has bought them before? I would surely love to see some owner pictures hehe x3

      What does this mean? ^^; Urethene cast...? *_* sorry if I sound like an idiot XD;;;
    5. Urethane is another name for the resin. Urethane, or polyurethane?
      Something like that. My A-level high school chemistry classes are such a faint memory...
    6. That's resin's full name: polyurethane resin. :daisy
    7. Loved this heal-mold. Hope she'll make more of them. ^^
    8. She's pretty new on YJ, she showed up...a month or two ago. She sells really lovely clothes, and must have branched into heads recently. It'll be fun to see what she'll make in the future! :daisy
    9. Planetariumfish and Quiet Queen: Thanks for answering my question again! :D <3

      Ara @_@ *just realised* SDs and SD13 are 60-cmed right? mn.. I hope she'll sculpt some smaller heads soon, but these sure look great! Hopefully they'll go on sale one day on her site too! Ah, her resin colour looks a tad too yellowish though >_>

      ...One more question ^^;;; what's a "heal-mold" ?
    10. I think she meant headmold.
    11. Ah, I see ^_^ thanks! Wow x3 I really hope to see more of these head molds too
    12. I meant head-mold. Sorry. :oops: