Any transactions with blackdragon?

Feb 5, 2007

    1. Blackdragon is my sister (Marnie), and my heart breaks to report that she was killed in a car accident in Japan this past Sunday.

      I know that she did not sell on DOA, but this is just to let you all know if you had any items on hold for her or sold anything to her in the past week or so.

      I will be flying out to Japan tomorrow, and will be away for a while.

    2. Bumping - just in case.
    3. I saw this by chance, and I did not buy anything from your sister,but I would say that I feel very very sorry for you :...( Bump it for you,so I hope more people can see it.
    4. Bumping this up so more people might see it :(
    5. Bumping for you. So sorry to hear this. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    6. Bumping this up again.
    7. bump again
    8. Bumping up again.
    9. And again...
    10. Many thanks guys, I'm back in the UK now and it looks like its all clear on the outstanding transactions.
    11. You're welcome :) Then I will not bump anymore and wish you much strength (I mean the power to handle this..My english is not very well,I'm sorry)