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anyone know when dollstown hue will come out?

Jun 16, 2006

    1. i have been waiting for him for so long.
      anyone hear anything new???
    2. Hello carol ~ I am another one who has been anxiously awaiting Hue! I'm going to move this to the Larger Doll Sub Forum, though, as it's not News.

      Thanks! :)
    3. oh thank u!

      he looks so great. the body looks amazing. this is a doll i too have been waiting so long to see made available. dollstown bodys are really wonderful each new body type gets more interesting.

      last i heard from the site is there could be two male heads coming out at the same time. each morning dollstown is my first stop after checking emails.

      it shouldn't be long, isn't he next in line for introduction?
    4. We don't actually *know* yet. XD. Basically, it's just a bunch of cronies (like myself) waiting on the progress pictures and a tentative release date.

      I personally estimate that, solely by my own speculation and by judging on how fast he's going (keep in mind that Dollstown might have already finished him, but might not have put pictures up yet, although that's incredibly unlikely) Hue will be here like, what? Originally, three months ago, I was aiming June/July, but now, I'm thinking mid to late September.

      That's not even an educated guess though. So mostly, it's just us waiting around watching paint dry, unless someone wants to send Dollstown an inquiry into our rather large, sexy friend?
    5. he is rather sexy isn't he!can't wait to see him painted and wigged. and i am most excited about what they might do with the knee joint.
    6. Oh, me too! Especially isnce Dollstown is known for all those wonderful, really posable, REALLY flexible bodies!

      God damn you, Hue! Come out of hiding already.
    7. lol, i know. it sort of spoils a person, the bodies are great!
    8. I'd love it to be soon, but I definitely figure it won't be until after June is over at the earliest.

      I just love his body and I hope the well built (muscular) arms stick around with the finished Hue. :blush
    9. I'm sure the arms will stay. Dollstown has osme pretty unique bodies and so far they've seemed keen to keep most of thier original designs. :3.

      Besides, I see no reason why the muscle would be lost. It's sexy. :3.

      Spoiled is right. XD.
    10. I'm waiting for him too. I won't get the boy doll I want if I can't get the dollstown boy body for him.. there's just no other 60cm boy bodies I like.
    11. I wouldn't be holding my breath :( I WAS, but I saw this on the english order board "the progress of my work" section

      It seems to have been posted on the 2nd of june... although I hope koreans use australian style dates and it was actually the 6th of february ^^
    12. Oh no! Not restarting! I loved him the way he was. ;_;! *distress*
    13. This hasn't been bumped in a while...

      Any news about Hue? I keep checking the Gallery pictures at the Dollstown site but nothing seems to have changed.
    14. There was *just* an inquiry on the Dollstown site, and NEW photgraphs of Hue are promised this weekend, with the prototype doll now expected in a few months... so we will see...
    15. Really? This weekend? iI'll keep an eye out and cross my fingers. :S.
    16. I'm looking forward to their progress. I'm also glad he won't be released for a while, I'm kinda tapped.:sweat

      Does anyone know much about Dollstown releases? I'd be thinking about buying a white Hue if he turns out to be a doll that suits, from what I can tell they release them in one skin tone...and eventually, sometimes release them in two other tones? Is there much rhyme and reason? (I'm doubly wondering because I keep looking at their pictures of Soph as well.)
    17. Dollstown has two skintones for thier girls. Dollstown's owned and operated by a single girl (I think she might have naother sculptor as well, now, though?) but in any case, she tends to make the dolls in 'batches'. I know this because my girlfriend wanted to order a white Estella at the time but didn't know if Dollstown made them. They do, and the girl who owns Dollstown even offered to make a completely new batch of white estella (they hadn't any at the time) so she could have one.

      So, chances are if they make white Estella, there's gonna be a white Hue coming too.

      If ever, considering that there are no new pictures or anything this wekend. :P.
    18. So, is there any more news on the gorgeous boy? Yes, no :'D?
    19. I too have been waiting for the release of this boy, mostly because I am curious. From the black and white pictures Dollstown provided, he looks like a male version of Estella. I probably would have pined for him if I didn't already have an Estella boy teehee.^^
    20. First let me chant the "No More Dolls This Year" sutra. *ohmmmm nononononono*

      I've been checking the site but I've yet to see new pictures or any hint of an update. I guess when they said "new pictures this weekend", they meant "new pictures next month." If he's released in white skin I'll be doomed a little. :sweat