AoD body 10+ years. Extra piece???

Oct 18, 2020

    1. Hi! I have a AoD that is 10+ years old.
      I am, what I know, his third owner. I don't know how old he is but he has this extra piece and I guess the doll is a an older model but I am wondering if anyone else have this model and if that piece is nessecary?


    2. Strange. I have AOD that is nearly 11 years old and they do not have that piece. I dont think its necessary if the arm fits in the shoulder just fine without it.
    3. I know these shoulder caps from the old Luts/CP bodies. I think they were intended to allow for more flexibility without the joint being visible. While I don't consider them necessary per se like an actual limb, I also would not think about removing them from my dolls.
    4. It isn't necessary, not exactly. I haven't seen too noticeable a difference in my collection among those with vs those without that design. If anything, the bodies with the piece don't hold poses quite as nicely. The only concern I can think of would be if the arm still fits well in the socket if you decide remove it.
    5. Thanks for the answers. I forgot to mention that he is an MSD size. I don't know if that would change anything.
      But I tried to take then out to see how it looks and feel.


      And do far it seems ok.
    6. Here is a whole picture of the body I have.

      (the doll head is wang zi)

      I do see there are some differences. especially the arms, but also similarities...
      And as I said, he is 10+ years. He could even be older.
      As I wrote I am his third owner. And I don't know how long he has been with the other two. I have had him for 8 years and when I got him he was already kinda old. He could be even 15+ years.