April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 2

Mar 13, 2015

    1. I got a nice e-mail with shipping info for my winter 1+1 event Liam and Anthony (on the senior boy bodies) today. They've already left Korea. :DConsidering that I put in a request for a change of heads in January, that's pretty quick. I'm excited. This is my first ever order from them.


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    2. Solitary Agent, do you think you could change the thread's title to SD instead of Senior? That way, people won't be confused as to whether elder/junior bodies can also be discussed here. :) Congrats on the shipping notice, cant wait to see pics of them!!
    3. I didn't even mean to start the thread - my post got moved! I'll see if I can, LOL. Pictures of Anthony coming soon - both boys are lovely and were in perfect condition with no flaws in the resin, but only my Anthony has his faceup. :)

      ETA: thread title changed, and here's a photo! His name is Stuart and his hair's always messy - more so at some times than others. I need new eyes for him, though - they're supposed to be brown, but the only brown ones I have on hand are far too small. These are 16mm acrylics. I'm really pleased with his faceup - nice quality for the price!

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    4. Solitary agent - congrats with you Anthony! He looks sweet :)
    5. Congrats, he looks adorable!! Love those little teeth :3 And thanks for the title change, itll be less confusing for newcomers now :)
    6. Congratulations on your Anthony! He looks wonderful! It makes it easier to wait for mine!
    7. Anyone is getting the renewal dolls ?
      I'll be tempted if they make a renewal Su.
      Or a dreaming Su... :XD:

      @ solitary agent
      Congrats for the shipping notice ! :)
      Stuart looks dashing~ :D

    8. I do, I wanted to get the new Ishyllia... But I'm already in the middle of a layaway plan for two Sophias ^_^'
      I think April Story became my favorite company, almost all of my dolls are from them...
    9. They are tempting. I have a New Fall guy coming and I would love to do another 1 + 1 action... tempting, very tempting!
    10. The event is tempting, but I was hoping for another girl to be released and my last event order to be shipped!
    11. Yes, I want mine to be shipped first too. And I want play with them. And know how I feel about their bodies, dress them and do their face-ups. And hope there will be another 1+1 action later this year?
    12. solitary agent: What a cute boy, he's got such a wonderful subtle smile!
      Last December, I wanted to make a special "happy new years" greeting for my father. I wanted to take a picture of one of my BJDs to do that with. Only to discover that I must be hopelessly drawn to sad and shy faces. Because there wasn't a single one who could play the part in a well meant wish to share happiness. Anyone with even the hint of a smile, I'd made very sure lost that while giving them their face-up.:lol:
      (Good thing shortly after a realpuki Soso arrived! Not a sculpt that easily lends itself to that kind of treatment.;))

      And now, despite not wanting to get anymore SD's, I'm really thinking about ordering the New Ishyllia and perhaps even New Ja Seong. I was able to decide against the New Spring boy, as before with the old one, even though I'm very much drawn by his subtle smile.
      But I can see such a beautiful sadness in the other 2 new ones, that I'm finding it incredibly hard to resist.:sweat Especially Ishyllia who I always kind of regretted deciding against. There was just something in her face that made me hold off. But it looks like that's exactly what they changed in the new version.
      So yeah, I think this time I might cave...

      Vienni: I wouldn't be at all surprised if they added (at least some) more girls within this event period. Perhaps Su will be amoung them if they do!
    13. If you ask them you could have a head added for $60 dollars. That is what I did for my 1+1 deal + the Fall head that came later! And I agree - there are some very beautiful dolls there... And there are several that fit in my 'sad & contemplating gang'. 4 aspecially: Ishyllia, Liam, New Winter and Liam vampire...
    14. I've thought about asking that, but I saw that a request (by Deekkru) on their Q&A board about adding a head to their order of a full doll got turned down! Yes, the've got quite a lot of beautiful dolls. I keep getting tempted by them, manage to resist, then only to be tempted by one that I like even more!*_*
    15. I did have 2 dolls on order - and put in my question very politely and with the 'I understand that would mean that order will be delayed'.
      And I know they have also accepted to exchange a head for another for someone else - but that order might not have been made yet. Mine was on the verge of shipping, so I counted myself very lucky!
    16. Nothing ventured, nothing gained... and of course it might also help I've been buying dolls from them ever since they were still Ariadoll.:)
    17. I didn't realize they were Ariadoll!
    18. Yep, and they've even continued the way they did events back then!
      I fell head over heels for Stella as soon as I saw her in pictures of with that long blonde/pinkish wig and those on the Junior body. Only to realize that it's the same that got me with the Ariadoll Valentine sculpt...:lol:

      But not only that, I jumped on the chance to later on adopt an Everpurple Iris head from the MP. Everpurple later became Ariadoll. (Well either that, or they sold their sculpts to Ariadoll. I wasn't in the hobby back then yet, I think.)

      The New Ishyllia reminds me of a, what Cyador called "sad and contemplating", mix of the Valentine and Iris sculpt. Which is what I'm trying to use against myself to stick to the 2 I have. BIG Problem is, she is perfection come true for me, as she combines what I like most in each of the other 2 sculpts.:sweat

      Oh, and actually, Valentine can also be linked back to Everpurple. As it's a slightly modified version of their Lusi/Lusil(?)sculpt. (Out of Lusil/Valentine/Stella, I think I like Stella best, because I think she has the most realistic face and nose.)

      I'm delighted with the more "realistic" route AprilStory seems to have taken with the renewal of sculpts. It's just that I keep hoping they'll release MSDs some day, as I prefer that size. Ariadoll had some nice MSD's. If AprilStory would release similar ones with that same added realism, I'd be in heaven!