April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 2

Mar 13, 2015

    1. Well, they said 'some' of the heads, so hopefully that means they will be upgrading??? Well, that's what I'm hoping...
    2. Has anyone gotten orders over the last few months? I really like some of these sculpts, but I don't want to order from a sketch company.
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    3. No, looks like they are keeping some of the heads. Maybe they are making new bodies and heads?
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    4. Seems unlikely, given their effort to reacquire April Story... I'm thinking maybe they have a new team and are doing an "out with the old"

      I've been in contact with AS about ordering parts (I dont know if I posted here, but I was interested in some spart parts for a project, and previous management told me no). New management told me yes! I'm waiting to hear back from them about specific price for the parts I'm interested in.

      I did ask them directly if new management resin will match old management resin in color, and they said, "Yes almost the same."
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    5. That is useful to know, thank you!
      My next quest is figuring out clothes. I've assumed their Senior line is roughly similar to SD16 but not sure.
    6. @sammu i ordered a body from them 12/22 and received it 2/12 with no issues (but with no shipping notice). I am interested in this event but i was hoping to hear some updates on older orders that never got sent from the meltdown last year...
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    7. I've bought a fitted volks outfit, a female suit for a Luts/cp head I have on my AS body and it fits perfectly. I don't have a volks doll though so I can't be certain, but it does seem that the AS girl sd16 will fit volks.
    8. That’s why I’m kind of skeeved out by them. What if it happens again
    9. Ahh thank you. I tried on one of the dresses I have that is made for Dollfie Dream and that fit pretty good, too!
    10. Cool, good to know! BTW, does April Story do layaways?
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    11. I ordered the doll's body 19th Feb and still did not receive the body, does anybody experience this also?
      there was a policy published about delays: https://i.imgur.com/NivtBjj.png
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    12. @mmilena I made my order on February 5th and have still not received it. At the end of March, they said they would ship it during the first week of April but then didn't and didn't reply to my messages for weeks. Then they said they would ship it before the end of April but still no news ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (they haven't replied to my message for 2 weeks now)
      I personally won't make a fuss about the delays because obviously the covid19 impacts on orders but their communication skills are SO BAD...i don't know what to think about this
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    13. Ho.taru thank you for this. I was just worried about lack of response... I did not receive any massage...
    14. I was wondering how the layaway with April Story works. Do you need to send them an email or is there an option when you are paying with Paypal? I've never done a layaway, and I'm not sure how this works when you order from a company directly.
    15. I am so tempted by this latest event. I desperately want Anthony and Stella to shell some characters I have had floating around in my head for ages. But at the same time, I am pretty nervous about the idea of ordering from them given the issues. I may email them and ask about how things are going etc.
      It would be amazing to get these two and finally shell their characters. One is the boyfriend/likely to be husband of my forever grail doll and I know she would adore having him home!
    16. I made my order first week of February and I'm still waiting for my order to be shipped... for the last 2 months they keep saying it's ready and they will ship it, but then they don't ship it and stop replying for weeks...
      Am I the only one?
      They make me so wary -__-
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    17. Holy crap, they sell heads separately on their site now!! They're about $70 each, might have to pick up one or two.:XD: Although it actually looks like it's the only way to get their dolls atm, the bodies and full dolls look sold out.
    18. Try messaging their DoA account? They just posted new products in the News section.
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    19. It's not there anymore, do you think DoA pulled it?
    20. Their DOA account is @Cdoll
      The announcement was for FloraMonkey, their new parent company, so it's easy to miss.
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