April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 2

Mar 13, 2015

    1. Hello!

      I am sorry to make you worry.
      We are shipping a delayed order.

      Orders from February to March are all shipped this week.

      All orders from April to May can be shipped within this month.

      Our company has been temporarily closed for about 2 months due to the coronavirus problem in Korea. T-T (February to April)

      This was a forced shutdown in accordance with government guidelines.

      Even now, half of the employees are unable to work.
      The remaining employees are doing their best to work.

      I am so sorry to make you worry a lot.

      If you have any other questions, please write here.
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    2. @Cdoll thank you for the update! I’m sorry to hear not everyone can be back to work yet. :( The coronavirus has not been kind.

      I do have a question, I was told at the end of February via email that I would be sent a new bust for my doll (white skin Hannah) since she arrived to me with the wrong size, but I haven’t had any updates since. Can I still expect that will be sent to me?

      I hope things get better for you quickly. I’m sure everyone is doing their best!
    3. @A-Rouleau
      Oh, thanks :)

      @Cdoll , I sincerely wish you the best of luck. What a time to buy/take over a company, eh? Take care!
    4. @Cdoll Will new bodies be released now that the old ones are gone?? Or will old head sculpts transition over to Flora Monkey, who has recently released "updated" body sculpts under their own brand?
    5. @RamenDoodles
      Yes of course I will send your AS parts as well.
      Maybe it will be shipped this Wednesday~

      thank you.
      It's been a little over a half year~
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    6. @Miss_Pygmalion
      A new body will be released in the April story.
      The April story and Flora monkey websites will be brought together.
      In addition, the Flora monkey body will be discontinued soon.
      So soon there will be a Flora monkey body discount sale. :)
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    7. @Cdoll Thank you so much!

      My Hannah is on her way home from getting her faceup done by Call Me Gorgeous- she is so absolutely stunning I can’t wait to see her in person!! (I’ll have to add a pic later, can’t do it from my phone)
    8. Oooh, congratulations, @RamenDoodles !!! Can't wait for pictures!!
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    9. Sorry it took me so long to get her posted! But this is the final progress photo I got from Call Me Gorgeous- she’s absolutely stunning I can’t believe she’s mine! :D:D:D
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    10. Aww, looks like Emma was one of the discontinued heads. :<
    11. Stunning, congratulations!!
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    12. @Cdoll , thank you for letting us know! I have no problems with longer wait as long as communication continues :thumbup

      @RamenDoodles shes amazing!! :D

      I ordered a Clover in the last week of April. Not sure what im going to do with her yet but ive always admired the junior girl body so I wanted to get one before it gets discontinued.
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    13. @Cdoll I'm glad to see you here! I've been emailing about obtaining parts for the old april story body (which was discontinued at the end of May, but the emails are from before then). I still haven't been told where to send money for the parts. Do you think you could look into this? Thank you! :)

      @RamenDoodles she is STUNNING! I adore those colors, shes so ethereal!
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    14. @IngieBee @Cydril and @Xila thank you n_n I’m stalking the tracking but she isn’t budging yet :...( I bought a pretty Volks outfit for her and her body is wearing it, sitting in my doll cabinet, waiting headlessly :XD:
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    15. Be patient. I have one package that didn't move for over two months but finally showed up in Beijing!
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    16. Well it took about two weeks for her to go from the US to Canada, so I’m hoping it’ll take about that to come back the other way. I’m just excited is all :whee: I’m also an habitual tracking stalker, I can’t help myself!:XD:
    17. Me too!
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    18. Popping in to ask for an opinion since CDoll just posted FloraMonkey bodies on discount. I'm not too sure how I feel about the waste sectional on the bodies. It looks weird.

      Does anyone have these bodies or know of a review of them?
    19. Is there a Korean site?