April Story SD Boy & Girl Dolls - Part 2

Mar 13, 2015

    1. I have a 1/3 April Story male body with the 3-part torso. It definitely has its pros and cons.

      -allows a slightly larger variety of poses (relaxed and slouching poses are definitely easier)
      -aesthetics (depending on your preferences)
      -in my experience stability and stand-ability is still pretty good with the extra waist joint (i.e. he can still stand or sit without extra support)

      -the waist joint specifically was pretty clunky until I sueded it (after sueding it's actually 100x better and smoother)
      -the elastic is cross-strung through the pelvic section which can make for wobbly legs and poses like cross-legged sitting difficult
      -again, aesthetics (depending on your preferences)

      Overall if you don't mind the look of the waist joint and relaxed/slouching poses are important to you, then I think it's great. That being said, if you're not too fond of the look of it or slouching poses aren't a big priority for you, then you'd probably be just as pleased with your doll without it. I do enjoy having it on my AS boy, but I've found that most of the poses I have him in don't even require that extra joint. So it really depends on your aesthetic preferences and the types of poses you intend to have them in. Hope this helps!
    2. My Hannah made it home today! She is so lovely I can hardly stand it! I’m hoping to take some photos of her later today with an actual camera, my iPhone does not do this girl justice.

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    3. Absolutely lovely, @RamenDoodles ! I love that soft pastel look she has!
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    4. She's absolutely stunning! Congrats on getting her home!
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    5. Does anybody know the compatibility of Flora Monkey white skin and Volks pure skin white / have comparison photos of the two? Thank you in advance!
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    6. @RamenDoodles , shes so pretty :D

      My Clover arrived safely today :) Her status is still 'payment complete' on the site, and I got no shipping notice. Really happy I was able to get the one piece torso body before it was discontinued !
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    7. @Cdoll I've left you a question about my order to the 1:1 Inquiry page a week ago and would appreciate if you answered me. I've paid the order the way you asked me to and still got no Order number or information when you're gonna send me my order.
    8. I too have a question about my order. :c
    9. April Story seems to be somewhat slow to answer questions. Not sure if thats just for now or typical for them.
      They took around 10 days to answer my question about order status. Oddly enough, they actually updated my order page with the same information a few days earlier.
      Hope you get your responses soon :)
    10. I'm so upset with myself, looks like they answered me but I can't remember what password I used for the Q&A board. :...(
    11. Hey guys, It's been a while since I have looked at dolls as i have had a lot of personal issues come up. In that time, it since april story has been revived(!!), which is a cause for great joy for me. However, I can see that some of the old issues still persist - lengthy delays as well as terrible communications. Lengthy delays can be put down to the current situation, however I was wondering how long did people have to wait? I would love to order a few things from them now that they are existing again, but I don't want to have to worry if dolls are disappearing into the void.

      please let me know what you think :)
    12. I had a good experience with AS. I recently ordered the FM 15 Girl body at the discounted price. Everything went really smoothly - I somehow didn't add my address correctly to my order but April story got in touch by email when they noticed and resolved it quickly. I believe the bodies were already cast so it arrived in just under a month :)
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    13. That's so sad :( Hope you are able to get an answer to your questions eventually! >.<

      Mine took a month to be shipped which seems to be very fast for a BJD.
      Communication was a bit slow for me but they may be really busy at the moment with all their recent sales.

      Shipping itself was very slow. It took about 2 weeks for to leave Korea after being dropped off at the post office. Should be with Canadian customs but unfortunately it appears to be stuck in the post system :dohWhich is sorta ok because I won't be home for a week to receive it.

      So yes April story experience overall was good. Shipping times are kinda out of whack due to Covid but I think it depends on where you are shipping from/to.

      EDIT: Package was delivered July 24th but not able to get my package until this Saturday :(

      EDIT 2: Finally have the package in my handssssss! Can't wait to open after work! :whee:

      EDIT 3: She’s here! The box was huge! The doll is smol! I’m quite pleased :whee:
      Here is a photo with the rest of my dolls~
      Can’t wait to work on her faceup!

      Kasumi (middle) is an April Story Diana on the AS13 girl body.

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