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Are they worth it? (PukiPuki)

Mar 2, 2011

    1. PukiPuki are some pretty adorable dolls, and I really want one...but I have to know, are they worth the money? I ask this because I was able to get a 45cm for the same price of one...In the end, I'll probably just buy one anyway! But opinions would be highly useful (especially from owners!)
    2. I love them...most poseable little dolls...I love that I can find clothes so easily from them and Macchiato has her own house and everything. The faceplates are fun to change as are the magic items like hands, resin shoes and kitty parts.
    3. You have to take into account that they're made by two different companies, so despite the fact that it's the same price as an MSD they're equally hard to engineer based on being so small. :) That said: I adore both of my PukiPuki's, they're so much fun to play with! They fit most dollhouse sized furniture and Rement, so props (mostly inexpensive too) galore! :aheartbea
      Whether they're worth the money is based on how much enjoyment you get out of them, based on that mine have paid for themselves in enjoyment many times over. :)

      Pew Pew! by twyliegirl, on Flickr
    4. Pukipuki's are totally worth it. I don't know what MSD you bought, but I can almost gaurentee that you'll be blown away at how awesome the body structure of the puki is.

      Plus they are:
      easy to find in-scale accessories for
      can fit in larger dolls hands (or heads..)
      can be randomly placed all over your house

      My BonBon, she knows what I'm talking about:
    5. The pose sooooo well! I love them and I can't wait to get one. I got to play with one at a doll meet I went to, and I can't wait until mine is shipped!
    6. Pukipukis are easily one of the most versatile and natural when it comes to posing. They have extremely intricate joint systems making them a joy to play with. They are not kicky or difficult to work with as so many of this impossibly tiny size can be. Clothes are incredibly easy to find as they can wear Kelly/Shelly outfits and shoes. They are a huge hit around here as you can see by the Puki threads are continually being locked and new ones started in their place as they get overwhelmingly huge fast! What are we on thread eleven now? So in answer to your question, yes they are more than worth the price. High resin quality, versatility, amazing posability, and just a lot of fun to play with, Pukipukis are popular for a reason.. or many;) Definitely take a chance on one if you would enjoy a teensie companion who is as expressive and unique as your own imagination!
    7. My mom just bought a Pukipuki Sugar.. She's so adorable... But I don't really like small (tiny) dolls.. I'd definitely say they're worth it! So much in-scale goodies for them, its ridiculous! :) Also, what Mitya said. :3 lol
    8. I haven't own mine for that long,so far she is worth it.
      -doesn't take up a lot of space
      -easy to store away when needed
      -poses almost, even better or just as well as some of my larger dolls
      -has can change faces, hands, and feet easily easily
      -furniture is easy to find
      -easy to move, and relatively lightweight
    9. worth it plus the fact DDe you put them on lay-a-way so pay them off over time.....
      i have....2 that are mine, one belongs to myson, one to my daughter and one to my mom....
    10. I've had a puki but I sold her becous I couldn't get used to the limitations of the elbow and knee's. I owned a brownie bevore I got my puki and they can hold much more posed becous of a different joint system, I must say that becous of the way the puki's are engineerd you can just plop them down and they will probably look good, their posing takes little effort while my brownie takes a bit more time. If you want a tiny that poses good and easy, puki's are probably the best choice. But if you want something that can touch their face Brownie's are a better choice I think.
    11. I think they are very worth it! They are fantastic quality (and perhaps the larger doll you can get for the same price may not be as good quality?) and very good posers! I take a lot of enjoyment out of making little setups for them; 1/12 doll house stuff is the right size, and re-ment too.
      Also I can fit my puki girls in my handbag if I ever need some company on a stressful day <3
      But if you do this don't be silly like me! Make sure they have a good little carry case so they don't get marks on their faces or anything, which you have to wash off later >.> silly me...
    12. All I can say is ... When you meet 1 ... you'll understand the hype lol
      I put my multiheads on pukipuki bodies... and they r just amazing.. I have like 3 pukis on my wishlist now lol The size is adorable and the posing is amazing for something sooo small!!! I'd say before you decide try meet 1 at a doll meet if you can :)
    13. I'm just afraid I'd lose one...I'm not a very neat person. :sweat
    14. I've had many pukis over the years -- and my Pukisha Seth is still my "baby" -- but there are pros and cons to pukis:

      -they are so tiny that they can travel in an eyeglasses case or padded make up bag (along with their stuff)
      -you can find clothing and accessories rather easily and cheaply
      -the Puki magic items allow you a little fun with changing shoes, hands, etc.
      -sleeping faceplates are awesome!!
      -and many others but . . .

      -small size means that parts can go AWOL a little easier -- and if you've never had a smaller doll before, you really do need to be careful when changing hands/feet/magic items like shoes
      -faceups can be difficult on such a small face plate!
      -they pose quite well but, as has been pointed out, they do have their limitations
      -if you like larger dolls (or if that is what you are used to) it may take quite a while to get used to the size difference . . .
      -shipping for them can be expensive eventhough the box is small (either from Fairyland or somewhere like DDE - and this is for people who are not in the US)

      Perhaps you can go to a meet, see one in person, and then go from there?
    15. Pukipuki are also offered through Triskel, Think Pink, Featherfall, and several other dealers.
    16. I don't own a pukipuki, but I know quite a bit about them through research. At first I was originally going to buy a pukipuki (but instead went with a honey delf) because like others have mentioned, the pukipukis are really small.

      I actually like to joke around and call them 'the expensive kelly dolls'.

      But they are extremely poseable and just... so cute.. now I want to buy one << so in a way I say, yes they are worth it.
    17. Hmm, I don't think you can compare size with price really. Some of the really small dollies (lati whites and pukis) are more expensive than many bigger dolls. Many factors fits in, resin quality, the company (brand and popularity) etc.etc.

      I love my tiny girl (she isn't a puki though, but a lati white sp). If you like small dollies I think they are so worth it, but if you rather have a bigger doll I can understand that they might be perceived as a little too much. My girl isn't even that poseable as a pukipuki, but her size is wonderful and I love it - so I gladly paid 450$. I would never have paid that for an MSD though ;)
    18. For me personally, I liked them, but didn't fall in love and get that "must-have" feeling until I got to play with one at a meet-up. But once I really saw them up close, and then Fairyland introduced a bunch of them in Chocolate skintone, I was hooked, and gave into the charms of ChocoCupid, which I named "Kahlua"! Next came my adorably cranky ChiChi, a.k.a "Smirnoff", followed by dramatic Dark Moon Ruby, my "Drambuie". And finally PongPong arrived for Christmas, and promptly became "Sambuca" thus making a cordial quartet! LOL! :) I love their flexibility, and their size too, I really don't think you can go wrong by getting a Pukipuki. But should you get one and later decide that it's not for you, Pukipuki's seem to pretty easy to re-sell. Good luck with whatever you decide. :)
    19. I actually just got my pukipuki Ante today, and my significant other has another pukipuki that I spend some good loving time with, and I can say for sure that they are worth it! You can take them anywhere(not that you might want to haul them to some places) and they fit in the palm of your hand~

      I plan on getting more of them, for sure~
    20. When I fist started collecting BJD's I thought the same thing....wow, such a high price for a tiny doll. Once I purchased one though I couldn't believe how well made they are and how much fun they are to play with. I now have three of them. Puki's are the best conversation piece when out and about and so portable.