New Feature Ask the Moderators Subforum

Dec 30, 2010

  1. We are asking that members post a thread in the Ask the Moderators subforum rather than sending PMs to an individual moderators.

    With the holidays and hectic work schedules, many of the moderators may be unable to answer PMs in a timely fashion. By posting your question to the Ask the Moderators subforum, any online moderator will be able to answer your question. Threads in this subforum are only visible to the original poster (you!) and the forum administrators, so your thread will be as secret as a PM.

    Please check the How to Use DoA section to make sure that your question has not already been answered before posting; if your question has been answered, you'll only be receiving a link to the How to Use DoA in response.

    Please also remember that using the report feature is the fastest way to alert us to problem threads and posts.

    Thanks guys! :aheartbea
  2. Ooh, that is a neat idea! Thanks so much for thinking of it and installing it to this forum!
  3. This is a truly awesome idea! Cheers for coming up with it!
  4. how do i change my avatar picture?
  5. Does this also apply if we are PMing a moderator in the discussion subforum to request a new discussion thread (when the current thread has over 100 pages, etc.)? Thank you.
  6. You could certainly use it for that sort of correspondence.
  7. Though if there's a Virtue in charge of that subforum, it would be better to PM them directly. :)
  8. Very nice and useful feature, thank you!
  9. Sorry! I have question abuot this massage.

    T[]T why I can't to see all forum in this DOA?

    what some thing wrong to me?

    Please tell about this problem.

    apologize about my english language because I can use that little bit.

    thank you.