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Awful Transaction with Dragonesskirra

Dec 13, 2009

    1. I put up a Want to Commission thread asking for someone to tan my Minifee boy. Dragonesskirra responded, saying that she could. She asked me to pay $40 and had me buy supplies for her. I sent my doll off and she assured me that everything was fine.

      I got my doll, and he looked simply horrible. He was incredibly uneven, with splotches and big marks that looked scraped off somehow. Parts of his body were completely different colors than other parts and he had white lines in his abdomen where there seemed to be almost no dye.


      She refunded me the money only used to actually dye the doll, but not for the supplies and not for the $50 I spent on shipping. She is now blaming ME for the doll not coming out anywhere near acceptable, saying that I should've known to ask her to sand him (even though she said he didn't NEED it, since I'd barely handled him) and had the gall to say that because I didn't ask a ton of questions, she assumed I knew all about what she was going to do. IF I KNEW THAT MUCH ABOUT DYING DOLLS, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF!

      She also accused me of looking for a 'cheap' dye job, when, again, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF. I told her in the beginning that I wanted it done professionally instead of risking doing it myself.

      The only way I will be satisfied is if she either refunds EVERY PENNY I sent to her and then more for the supplies that I bought and she used, or if she pays for someone to fix it completely, to my utter satisfaction.

      DO NOT send your dolls to her! She will only ruin them.
    2. I don't have any more of my preview pictures but she has not been willing to work this deal out with me.

      I have been more than patient with this girl. I tried to be nice , I refunded her money and wanted to work this out.

      one, she did not want sanding from me, which everyone knows you need for an even tan job,

      she keeps saying that I did not tell her to get it.

      These are my pm records with her.

      I will not refund her the shipping she spent or the material cost.

      She offered to buy the materials on her own and still has them besides the dye removers [2packs]
      This is the only time I mentioned not sanding and that was when the dye job would be removed the sanding for that is hard enough to take the scars out
      THis is my negotiation process with her
    3. I'm really at loss here, I have two other commissions for tanning dolls and both of those people choose to get sanding which I am doing right now. I have claimers up on my Commission thread, there are multitude of tutorials on this matter but it was up to you to get him tanned unsanded.

      the supplies you provided yourself and I gave you a discounted price because of it so I will not refund you for those, also because you offered to purchase them to begin with.

      I have no problem with this feedback because you were unsatisfied but really, blaming it all on me when you know for yourself that it was partially your fault for not doing/saying things.

    4. I am adding this:

      When you got the doll you told me you were not happy with it, you had every right to demand me to redo the doll instead you choose to get your money back, which I did give back.

      this is what you told me
      You keep saying that you would have been fine with me just fixing him in the beginning but you just demanded your money back and said you would do it yourself.

      the entire time have only complied with your wishes.
    5. I found a picture in my photobucket of one of the previews I sent her, I can't find anything else on my harddrive

      him before I reassembled it.he was dry and ready to be strung by now, next to my linlan because she wanted a color match pic.
    6. Yes, I was told that my doll might require a light sanding if he had been handled much-but then Dragonesskirra asked how much he was handled, I told her, and she said he would not need it. She NEVER offered to redo him, she sent out a doll that was in bad condition and as you can tell from the pictures, the flaws are NOT SHOWN. She never once offered to redo him. EVER. Also, if "everyone" knows that a doll requires a sanding to get an even tan, wouldn't I have said to do it from the start? Also if "everyone" knows it, wouldn't it be included in the dye job?!

      I am not the professional. She is. SHE didn't do what should have been done and sent out shoddy work, and now is blaming it on me. If she would have offered to redye him before she sent him out, I would have taken her up on it. If she would have offered to do it when I asked for a refund, I would have taken her up on it.

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that she suddenly tried to up the price by ten dollars before she sent him out. Minor detail, but it did irk me quite a bit considering the awful condition he arrived in.
    7. number one MAY does not equal WOULD

      You don't seem to be understanding english here, you keep telling me that I never offered sanding that I never told you anything and pretended everything was ok when you can clearly see from the pm's I posted that is not what I said.

      I find it kind of strange that when you received the doll and were unsatisfied you immediately asked for your money back, but then when I pm'd you saying that I refunded you, it took you almost a week to respond to me so from 11-30 your first pm with the problem to 12-06 is when I refunded you, it took you 12 days ?! to decide to tell me that you wanted it fixed to begin with? You make no sense to me, If you didn't like the product pictured you should have told me then, I would have redone it.

      you told me that you would redo him yourself, it was in your pm, you said it so yourself why would I need to offer to redo him when all you wanted was a refund.
      This is your pm you sent me,

    8. Since you are the one calling yourself a professional in this, it is your responsibility to tell your "customers" what needs to be done to make the dye job best, not say it "might" need that but shouldn't. YOU are the one saying you know what needs to be done, so you should've done it! It's that simple.

      As for getting it redone, gosh, the OBVIOUS thing to do would have been to say "Hey, if you're unsatisfied I can fix it, and if I can't fix it to where you're happy I'll refund you." Or have some actual quality control and not send out utter shit work in the first place.

      You posted pictures that don't show a single flaw, which are what you showed me-it just hurts your case, to send pictures that look fine when the doll clearly had very bad problems.

      I waited twelve days because a) I had finals, b) I'm getting married in five days and have been rather busy, and c) because I was PISSED, and was trying to cool down. I realized that I shouldn't have to eat all of these extra costs since you only felt like throwing a little money my way when you've screwed up my doll. Suck it up and realize that YOU were the one calling yourself a professional, and it is YOUR fault alone that it is so messed up. You're acting like I should've magically known exactly what needed to be done to get the dye job perfect-IF I WOULD HAVE KNOWN, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF.

      Thank you everyone who is sending me PMs showing their support and saying that they can clearly see how awful it was, and that the doll never should have been sent like that.
    9. At this point, it appears that both sides have "had their say." Suuchan are you asking for a full refund for resolution then? And dragonesskirra you are saying you've refunded as much as you will?
    10. I have given her a refund for the service, I will not give her one for shipping because that is her loss and the materials were hers and were returned so I am not paying her anything else. I have said my fill and frankly I do have to say that the pictures up top do not represent what I shipped out, what my pics look like is what I sent out and I am just done with this.
    11. Not all of my materials were refunded to me. I am asking either for a full refund or for her to pay to have my doll fixed.

      I'm not sure what she thinks I did to my own doll to make it look like that, those were the pictures right out of the box. Clearly she is in denial about the job she did.
    12. I would like to note that my pictures were taken without flash. The ones that I took with flash turned out very similar to the ones that she took-it wipes out the problems that are glaringly obvious in person.
      This is the doll with a very strong light being shined on him, but not with flash. As I said, it seems to even out the tone and makes the blotches harder to spot.
    13. I am not responsible for your shipping fees, in this or any other refund situation I would not think anyone is entitled to them.

      I can send you $10 to buy some paint remover since you mentioned yourself you could take it off that way. but other than that I owe you nothing else.
    14. I had to buy a $23.75 (with tax) bottle of it, and need more to cover him fully. $10 is utterly laughable. I don't see how you could look at him and think there was anything remotely okay about it.

      Again, refund every penny or get someone else to fix what you screwed up.
    15. According to some sources advice I am not going to deal with you again, you have done this to other people it seems and I am standing my ground.

      I gave you your refund for the job and that is all you are getting from me.:daisy
    16. I have never had another commission before, so I have no idea how you can say I have done this to other people. Again, I'd like to hear you actually explain why you thought that it was remotely alright to send a doll in that state, but you seem determined to blame me for your shoddy work.
    17. Dragonesskirra is still not doing the right thing. Clearly, if she is going to swear up and down that the doll left her house in PERFECT condition, the only thing left is that it was damaged in shipping and she needs to do a claim for damage, since I paid for insurance with shipping.