Azone dolls?

Feb 7, 2006

    1. i'm a noob to dolls and i was wondering if anyone knows of the site to look at Azone dolls? i searched google and nothing came up, thanks for the help.

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    2. I've never found a way to order from azone, so all I've ever done is drool. THere is a lady on ebay that has many of their items though.

    3. I've been wondering about ordering from Azone too. I really want one of their Pure Neemos. Mind linking to the lady on ebay?
    4. I'd recommend having a look at Hobby Link Japan, they have a good assortment of Azone dolls and clothes, or Hobby Search 1999, who also have a good selection of Azone stuff.

      Unfortunately you can't buy directly from Azone. -_-
    5. Emory at also can get his hands on Azone things and is in the US.
    6. Parabox actually doesn't carry Azone stuff, it's more the other way around: Parabox sell Obitsu bodies and accessories. Azone's large dolls, the 60cm, are made from Obitsu bodies and Azone heads, with Azone designed facups and Azone clothes.
    7. Is there any difference beetween the normal obitsu body on sale on parabox shop / junky spot and the obitsu body included in the azone edit kit on sale on HLJ/hobbysearch?

      I tought about buy the azone doll edit kit on hlj as the price is way lower but I don't know if the parts, skin tone or other its the same, I plan to use an haruka head on it anyway so i don' care if the head is different.

      Thanks for any info.

    8. The Azone 60cm dolls use the Obitsu 60 cm body. So it's the same thing! :daisy
    9. Azone Dolls, use the same body as the obitsu i believe, and i think they are considered bjd, since they fit most of the necessary criteria, but they are made of vinyl instead of resin
    10. So they can change wigs, eyes like DD, SD, AOD.....etc? What bout the movement of the arms and legs?
    11. The Azone 1/3 dolls are made with Obitsu bodies, which are considered on topic (just not the little ones). They sorta got "grandfathered in". ;)

      I'm not familiar with the Azone fullset character dolls though and am not sure if that one in particular has a wig or rooted hair. So you may or may not be able to change her hair. That one does look like she has painted on eyes though. Obitsu/Parabox offers a wide range of heads, some which take eyes and wigs like BJD's and others which need eyes painted on and/or rooted hair. As for posing, Obitsu bodies are known for being extremely good posers! They are not strung like BJD's are, and have a wide range of motion and can hold poses very well. ^_^

      You can check out the range of standard Obitsu/Parabox heads and bodies here:
    12. Yes they can change wigs, eyes can be changed if not painted, and their movement is more poseable than resin bjd because they use joints, and weigh a lot lighter
    13. Hi I was wondering if the 1/6 scale Azone dolls are accepted on DOA? I plan on getting one and posting pictures but I don't know if they are accepted... Sorry I don't know much about their type of doll ^_^''.
    14. I'm pretty sure the Azone 1/6 are off topic here. However Azone's 1/3 scale dolls are mostly Obitsu 60cm and 50cm bodies which are allowed.
    15. Azone 60 cm character dolls, like the one linked to above, are off topic since the head has painted eyes and as far as I remember has rooted hair. Obitsu bodies with Obitsu heads - like Gretel and Haruka - have inserted eyes and wear wigs, and are on topic.

      Azone 1/6 dolls are off topic on DoA, but there are many other forums where you can discuss them!
    16. i have only pure Neemo from Azone and im very pround of my girl ^^
    17. Pure Neemos are so pretty - my husband has two - but they are off topic on DoA. All dolls on DoA are jointed, and PN aren't. You can read about what dolls are off topic on DoA in DoA's Wiki.